Justin Bieber denies "reportedly studying to be a minister" at Hillsong Church

Justin Bieber denies

"I'M NOT Researching TO BE A MINISTER OR Just about anything EVEN Shut TO THAT".

Bieber's clarification comes two months after Lentz, who reportedly baptized him, was sacked from Hillsong Church in November due to alleged "moral failures".

Justin Bieber is denying rumors that he is studying to become a pastor with the controversial Hillsong Church and even said he's no longer part of the church, Page Six reports. "For clarity I am a part of Churchome", he wrote. "This is fake news", the 26-year-old wrote in all caps, adding that his church is Churchome and not Hillsong.

Lentz has been fired due to "moral failures", including infidelity against wife and fellow pastor, Laura Lentz, among other transgressions. The nondenominational church's famous members also include Selena Gomez, Kourtney Kardashian and Ciara and Russell Wilson, Marie Claire reported.

In follow-up posts, Justin also clarified his relationship with Hillsong church.

"Church is not a place". God is with us wherever we are'.

And while Lentz was a guest at their official church-sanctioned SC nuptials the year later, Bieber seemed to have moved on from their relationship, choosing new spiritual guide, Judah Smith of Churchome, to officiate. Lentz inevitably resolved the drama, admitting by way of Instagram that he was sacked for cheating on his wife, Laura Lentz.

'They have a heart for people and we are confident that after a time of rest and restoration, God will use Carl in another way outside of Hillsong church, ' he said in the statement.

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