Police investigate deliberate spoiling of 500 vaccine doses

Police investigate deliberate spoiling of 500 vaccine doses

An employee of Aurora Medical Center in Grafton, Wisconsin, the pharmacist deliberately removed vaccine from the refrigerator to spoil the doses being saved for locals of the area. Police reportedly recommend charging him with a 1st degree of recklessly endangering safety and adulterating a prescription drug, as well as a charge of criminal damage to property.

Aurora Health initially said the doses were accidentally taken out from refrigeration after a pharmacy technician discovered the vials outside the refrigerator on December 25.

Last week, an Advocate Aurora Health employee intentionally removed 57 vials of the Moderna vaccine from refrigeration.

The health system said Wednesday that the doses of vaccine now appear to have been deliberately spoiled.

A pharmacy technician discovered the vials outside the refrigerator on Saturday morning.

"We immediately launched an internal review and were led to believe this was caused by inadvertent human error". Almost 57 vials of vaccine were found left out of cold storage earlier this week, officials reported. "We are more than disappointed that this individual's action will result in a delay of more than 500 people receiving their vaccine", a statement from the hospital system read.

Over the weekend, a Wisconsin hospital announced that it had been forced to toss more than 500 doses of the coronavirus vaccine because an employee accidentally left dozens of vials unrefrigerated overnight. This was a violation of our core values, and the individual is no longer employed by us.

On Wednesday, the hospital notified Grafton police of the incident after the pharmacist admitted to intentionally removing the vials to render them ineffective.

The Grafton Police Department issued a statement late Wednesday night confirming that the FBI and the Food and Drug Administration were assisting with its investigation into the employee.

However, officials say they "became increasingly suspicious" of the employee during the investigation, Jeff Bahr, president of Aurora Health Care Medical Group, said at a news conference.

"We feel strongly that our processes are sound", Bahr said Thursday. He is now held at the Ozaukee County jail. He added it was either ineffective or noneffective. The biotechnology company reassured the hospital that the spoiled vaccines would not harm the persons who received them.

As of this posting, authorities still have no idea about the motive of the suburban pharmacist.

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