Roads reopen as controlled explosion concludes Wockhardt vaccine factory incident

Roads reopen as controlled explosion concludes Wockhardt vaccine factory incident

Police in northern Wales are responding to an ongoing incident after a suspicious package was received at a key plant in the U.K.'s vaccine supply chain.

We are now dealing with an ongoing incident on the Wrexham Industrial Estate.

In a statement to, the company that runs the factory Wockhardt UK said that an investigation into the object had concluded and staff were now being allowed back into the facility.

We received a call at 10.41am this morning (Wednesday) reporting that a suspicious package had been received at the Wockhardt factory on Wrexham Industrial Estate. "All relevant authorities were immediately notified and engaged", the company said, referring to its facility in Wales. "The roads are now closed and we would ask the public to avoid the area until further notice".

They added that some roads remain closed while police continue their investigation but "there are no wider concerns for public safety".

The company employs 400 people but did not elaborate on how many were evacuated Wednesday.

The police did not confirm whether the bomb disposal unit had been dispatched to the site.

Anti-vaxxers are suspected of sending a hoax bomb to the UK's only Covid-19 vaccine bottling plant, halting production for a large part of the day.

She said she could not give information on quantities of vaccine on site but that production "had been proceeding at pace to meet the Government contract for 100 million vaccine doses".

The company recently hosted Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who hailed the agreement as a milestone in Britain's vaccine distribution program.

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