Tom Hanks sports awful haircut for Elvis Presley biopic

Tom Hanks sports awful haircut for Elvis Presley biopic

"Let me show you the awful haircut I have to have in order to portray Colonel Tom Parker", Hanks said, speaking remotely from Australia. He then pulled off his baseball cap to reveal a bald head. "Check out this awful. Look at this thing, can you see this?"

Sure enough, Hanks' haircut did cause the studio audience to groan in sympathy.

"I scare children. I'm sorry I showed you that", he laughed. I want to apologize.

Tom Hanks is not part of that category of actors that we are used to seeing change shape with a snap of the fingers: net of some drastic weight loss as in Cast Away, the star of Forrest Gump has always presented herself to us with the reassuring face that l 'he made famous. At the time, he said his hair was growing back after he had shaved it. "We are taking it one-day-at-a-time", he continued.

Tom Hanks sports a bald head
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Tom Hanks has unveiled the "horrible" haircut he had to get in order to portray Elvis Presley's manager in an upcoming biopic of the cultural icon. Parker died January 21, 1997.

According to Deadline, production on the Warner Bros movie resumed in September after Hanks came down with COVID-19 in March, prompting a six-month production shutdown. Their Australian quarantine was major news, with the duo updating concerned fans on Instagram. He recently spoke about his serious battle with COVID-19.

The 2-time Academy Award victor took high billing in two new films as effectively, each of which have been affected by the Coronavirus pandemic.

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