U.S. vaccine worries Norway as 29 elderly people die after receiving shot

U.S. vaccine worries Norway as 29 elderly people die after receiving shot

Australia's medical regulator are seeking out more details after reports emerged from Norway regarding deaths among elderly Pfizer vaccine recipients with underlying serious health conditions.

Norway's experience doesn't mean that younger, healthier people should avoid being vaccinated.

"Of course, we all would hope that any vaccine would have zero adverse events, but even at 11 cases per million doses administered, it's a very safe vaccine", said Dr. Messonnier, The Hill reported.

Pfizer expects lower coronavirus vaccine deliveries for a stretch beginning in late January in order to lift output later this winter and throughout 2021, the drugmaker said Friday.

Chris Hipkins says the regulator will assess who can safely get the vaccine, after reports of deaths in Norway following Pfizer jabs. "NOMA confirm the number of incidents so far is not alarming, and in line with expectations".

"These vaccines, for the majority of the population, are looking very good to prevent severe illness and death - that's what we're most anxious about, that's what we need to protect people from".

"This includes the frequency of some reactions, the severity, and any previously unknown reactions. This monitoring will add to the clinical data we expect to receive from Pfizer", he said.

Dr Grenfell said anyone over the age of 50 should "seriously consider" that they face "a 20 per cent chance of hospitalisation" if they contracted the coronavirus.

"Safety and efficacy is the priority".

The Israeli government signed a deal with Pfizer and BioNTech in November for 8 million doses of their COVID-19 vaccine.

That said, the Norwegian authorities have adjusted their advice on who should be administered the vaccine by giving individual doctors discretion to make this decision.

"Most people have experienced the expected side effects of the vaccine, such as nausea and vomiting, fever, local reactions at the injection site, and worsening of their underlying condition", the agency said.

"We are not alarmed by this". However, the patient was frail and authorities have denied any link to the vaccine as cause of death.

Israeli health officials said the number of people suffering from such side effects could be higher in the country.

"For at least 28 hours I walked around with it (facial paralysis)", one person who faced the side-effect told Ynet.

This comes a month after the United Kingdom reported a similar case of Bell's palsy when a person, inoculated with Pfizer's vaccine, developed facial paralysis.

"The Norwegian Medicines Agency has communicated, prior to the vaccination, that when vaccinating the oldest and sickest, it is expected that deaths will occur in a time-related context with vaccination. We have also, in connection with the reported deaths, conveyed that it is possible that common and known side effects".

A total of 72 players are now confined to their hotel rooms in Melbourne for 14 days, and barred from practising, after coming into contact with COVID-19 cases on flights to Australia.

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