USA may cut some doses in half to speed rollout

USA may cut some doses in half to speed rollout

"Many of us knew that to accomplish a task of rolling out a vaccine, in the middle of a pandemic to basically the entire country, was going to be something that was going to have hiccups and unanticipated lags". Speaking on CBS's "Face the Nation" on Sunday, Moncef Slaoui, Operation Warp Speed's chief scientific adviser, said there is evidence that a half-dose provides the same level of protection as a full dose.

Yang Xiaoming, chairman of Sinopharm China National Biotec Group (CNBG), said Sinopharm built two workshops, one in Beijing and the other in Wuhan, to produce 300 million doses of inactivated vaccines within a year, and the company is now expanding the capacity of the workshops.

That would mean people aged 18 to 55 would receive half the current quantity in each of the first and second doses.

Moderna and the FDA have not yet commented on the Slaoui's suggestion.

The CDC said that MA has received 287,000 vaccines and have administered more than 88,000.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is warning health care workers that any changes to the authorized dosing schedules of COVID-19 vaccines now being administered significantly place public health at risk and undermine "the historic vaccination effort to protect the population" from the coronavirus pandemic.

On Monday, however, de Blasio offered a much more modest projection, saying the goal was 1 million doses, not 1 million people vaccinated.

Pfizer-BioNTech's vaccine was approved Dec. 9 and began arriving in Canada Dec. 14. On Monday, it became the first country to use a vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca.

Asked how the vaccines would be shipped, the account creator said they were transported in "regulated temperature packs" and ice packs within a few days, or overnight for an additional charge.

"According to the Institute for Clinical Research, 87% of reported Covid-19 deaths in Malaysia had at least one underlying health condition, based on 335 Covid-19 deaths analysed as of Nov 22". It has also signed a deal with the Canadian government for 40 million doses.

Eighty-two-year-old Brian Pinker was the first person to get that vaccine outside of experimental use.

Dr. Samir Sinha, director of geriatrics at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto, said there is no data yet showing specifically who received the first 120,000 vaccine doses.

Israel is the world's vaccination leader.

The discovery seemed to underscore the need for more urgency in a vaccination campaign that has, so far, moved at a snail's pace. Israel is now injecting more than 150,000 people a day.

Meanwhile, CanSino Biologics Inc. and the Academy of Military Sciences are developing an adenovirus vector vaccine for COVID-19.

Just over 100,000 people have been vaccinated in the city since inoculations began December 14, but de Blasio predicted immunizations will speed up in weeks ahead. Last week, interim data from a late-stage trial in Turkey showed that the vaccine was 91.25 percent effective.

Britain has seen a surge in coronavirus cases in recent weeks as officials struggle to control the spread of a new version of the COVID-19 virus. The most commonly reported long-term symptoms are fatigue, cough, joint and chest pain, among others. "When the coronavirus enters our body, our immune system now recognises the spike protein and launches an attack like it did previously, destroying the virus before it can take hold, replicate, and make us sick", they said.

They also highlighted that the percentage of people in the moderate to severe stages 3 to 5 have increased to 11% from 7%.

Starting at midnight tonight, most of mainland Scotland will be in total lockdown, announced Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Some errors in conducting a vaccination program of this size are unavoidable. Critics are pointing to faster programs in the United Kingdom, the US and Israel.

Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses for a person to be fully vaccinated. Germany has 83 million people. Susan Shand adapted it for Learning English.

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