Ontario Speeds up Second Vaccine Doses for Residents of Delta Hot Spots

Ontario Speeds up Second Vaccine Doses for Residents of Delta Hot Spots

Toronto just might get its two-dose summer after all, thanks to the Ontario government's increasingly speedy rollout of COVID vaccines (and a localized spike in cases caused by the aggressive Delta variant).

Doctors in both Peel and Waterloo Regions are urging people to remain cautious as the province begins to open on Friday, focus on safe outdoor activities, and continue to practice public health measures.

There are nearly 1.4 million people fully-vaccinated with double doses of vaccine.

Anyone who received their vaccine prior to April 18 and anyone over 70 is now eligible to book their second dose.

While there are no postal code restrictions to book an accelerated second dose on Monday, earlier on Thursday the City of Toronto indicated it will be refocusing its first and second dose vaccine efforts on 18 Delta hotspots within the city, including mobile vaccination units.

Individuals in those communities who are eligible can book their second dose appointment through the provincial booking system (for people in Peel and Toronto public health units), directly through public health units that use their own booking system and through participating pharmacies.

This contact will provide them with an Ontario vaccination record and also give public health officials with a fuller picture of vaccination rates in the province.

Public health officials expect millions of doses of Pfizer over the next two months in a steady weekly supply and two million doses of Moderna by the end of June.

"The province is further expanding eligibility to help stop the spread of COVID-19 variants and protect communities with the highest rates of Delta (B.1.617) variant transmission".

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