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on Wednesday, 01 December 2010. Posted in Latest News

Despite the all the sensational advertising campaign that Sony Music is using to market and promote the alleged “brand new” MJ album, "Michael", many fans, friends, and former collaborators of Michael’s are still quite angry about the release of this CD.

The King of Pop’s last studio album – Invincible - was released in 2001. We have been waiting for almost a decade, hoping Michael’s fears not to be loved by his fans in the same way as before, would be overcome by his fans’ total support and loyalty. We have waited in vain.

Jackson did not publish anything after Invincible. Maybe he was trying to reach the perfection of his former albums. Perhaps, he was just trying to recreate the unforgettable moments albums such as Thriller, Bad, Dangerous and HIStory had left in our hearts.

Let’s forget for a moment the strange voice of the first leaked piece of the album, “Breaking News”. I certainly don’t recognize Michael’s essence in it. Is it A computer? Is it just someone else?

Having said that, and after reading Will.I.Am's statements on the web, I can definitely say that I will not buy “Michael”.

Finally, one man has the moral fortitude to turn down big money and protect Michael Jackson's legacy. Black Eyed Peas' Will.I.Am, who collaborated with Jackson before his death, has criticised plans to release the singer's unfinished music. "He wouldn't have wanted it that way," Will.I.Am said. "Freaking parasites!"

"I don't think that it should ever come out," the musician, producer and songwriter told the Associated Press last week. "How you gonna release Michael Jackson when Michael Jackson ain't here to bless it? ... That's bad." Referring to Jackson as his friend, Will.I.Am said the late singer was a perfectionist who oversaw every aspect of his recordings. "Now that he is not part of the process, what are they doing? Why would you put a record out like that?"

“Singer” Akon responded to Will.I.Am saying he is just trying to “keep the legend alive”.

I am responding to Akon, saying “the legend” certainly does not need his help to be kept alive!

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  • Denzel Weaver

    Denzel Weaver

    15 December 2010 at 23:29 |
    I'm glad to see i'm not the only one who won't be buying Michael. I find it disrespectful to buy Michael's unreleased, unperfected music because he's a perfectionist and if he wanted this album or songs to come out, he would've done it during his lifetime. Any album including this i won't be buying due to 3 songs not being Michael and it not right. I won't even download or listen to the album cause i'm a true fan
  • Pavi Cp

    Pavi Cp

    17 January 2011 at 09:49 |
    Im atlast happy because, Mj is finally getting the long awaited justice.It is Mr.Conrad Murray's fault that this world suffers his absence..and his dreams and wishes couldn't come true.
  • Roussia Chrome

    Roussia Chrome

    24 February 2011 at 00:54 |
    Well if the song does not reflect the previus work.Then wats the point of releasing it? .

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