Prosecutor Tom Sneddon Died of Cancer

on Sunday, 02 November 2014. Posted in Latest News

Prosecutor Tom Sneddon Died of Cancer

I haven't been posting for almost a year, but today's news deserves to be spread and remembered.

Tom Sneddon, the prosecutor who tried twice to nail Michael Jackson on child molestation charges, died Saturday.

Sneddon famously lost the case against Jackson in 2005, in which Jackson was accused of plying his alleged victim with wine, sexually assaulting him at Neverland and holding his family hostage. Jackson was indeed acquitted of all charges.

But Sneddon went after Jackson more than a decade before, trying to prosecute the singer for allegedly molesting a boy at Neverland in 1993.

Sneddon, 73, died at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital with his family at his side, according to Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley.

He died of cancer.

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    02 November 2014 at 21:14 |
    I'm soooo happy you died! GO TO HELL!

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