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Brian Oxman: Michael Jackson had heartbeat at hospital

Los Angeles, California - Medical records showed that Michael Jackson's heart beat briefly at a hospital emergency room, but he was "long gone" by then, Brian Oxman said. Joe Jackson's lawyer mailed a notice over the weekend to Dr. Conrad Murray saying the elder Jackson would file a wrongful death lawsuit against him.

California laws require medical wrongful death lawsuits to be filed within a year of the death, Oxman said. Since a doctor must be given 90 days notice, Saturday's mailing was timed to meet the deadline, he said.

"The bottom line is, had [paramedics] gotten there earlier and had they been called right away, chances are he could have been revived," Oxman said. Jackson's father's lawsuit will accuse Murray, the pop star's personal physician, of causing his death by delaying the call for an ambulance, Oxman said.

Oxman said records showed that Jackson was "long gone, 20 to 40 minutes before the paramedics got there." A prosecution report leaked to the media last week included a statement from a witness who said Murray stopped resuscitation efforts on Jackson so he could collect propofol bottles. Murray has been charged with involuntary manslaughter by acting "without malice" but also "without due caution and circumspection." He was freed on $75,000 bail.

Oxman's notice to Murray called that delay "an outrageous departure from the standard of care." Oxman said the lawsuit will really put "this whole blasted thing together from top to bottom, from top to bottom. It identifies what happened by time, by date and by place."

Source: CNN


Michael Jackson - 10 New Albums within 2017

Months after his death, Michael Jackson set a music-industry record, thanks to a deal between his estate and Sony valued at as much as US$250 million.

The deal will give Sony the rights to sell his back catalog and draw on a large vault of unheard recordings. With 10 albums over seven years, the deal will involve a mix of previously unreleased songs and new packages of familiar ones.

The dollar amount is especially striking against the backdrop of the music industry as a whole, in which US album sales have plunged 52 per cent in a decade.

It also allows Sony and the estate to collaborate on a wide range of lucrative licensing arrangements, like the use of Jackson music for films, television and stage shows and lines of memorabilia that will be limited only by the imagination of the estate and the demand of a hungry worldwide market.

Sanremo 2010 - TRAVIS PAYNE and Michael's Dancers Pay Homage to the King of Pop

Travis Payne at Sanremo 2010 Yesterday, February 20, 2010, during the final evening of the 60th Sanremo Italian Pop Song Festival, Travis Payne, official MJ coreographer, as previously announced at the first ever Michael Jackson European Convention, and two of the dancers from the "This Is It" tour group, performed a live tribute to the King of Pop..

The day began with a two hour traffic back up on the Italian highway going into Sanremo but it was worth every minute of it because it brought back so many memories of waiting outside for several hours to get a glimpse of Michael.

After numerous e-mails and phone conversations with Travis and the representative of Sony Pictures USA who was accompanying him on his Italian trip, we were finally able to come to an agreement on the how and where of this long awaited meeting.

After our arrival at the barriers blocking the access to the Ariston Theater, Sam, Giovanna, Lara and yours truly asked the security guards information about Travis and if he had already arrived inside the theater. One of the security police said, "Are you Nick?" and I answered in a surprised voice, "Yeah. How do you know?" "Well,", he said, "the dancers asked for you as soon as they got out of the van.". Stunned, I said, "You've got to be kidding!". The policemand answered simply, "No sir."!

Click on the picture to enlarge it and on "Read More" to see the video of the performance.

Meet 'Michael Jackson's This Is It' dancers, choreographers and Kenny Ortega in London on 21st February

WHAT: Midnight launch and signing session
WHERE: HMV London, 150 Oxford Street W1
WHEN: Sunday 21st February 2010 from 10pm

Calling all Michael Jackson fans! Get ready to experience the chance of a lifetime. To help celebrate the release of ‘Michael Jackson’s This Is It’ on DVD and Blu-ray™, HMV and Sony Pictures Home Entertainment launch a very special midnight signing event with guests, director Kenny Ortega and choreographer Travis Payne at HMV’s flagship Oxford Street store in London’s West End on Sunday 21st February 2010.

The "Michael Jackson European Convention"

The First European Convention dedicated to Michael Jackson took place Sunday February 14, 2010. MJPortal is proud to have been the organizer of this important event which was given an incredible visibility through the media coverage which included not only national but international journalists. Included on the guest list and present at the Convention were RAI, ANSA, Mediaset and international newspapers. Invited guests who presided at the Convention and gave their special insights into Michael Jackson's life were Brian Oxman, Kathryn Milfsky, Rabbi Smuley Boteach and Sony Pictures Italia.

Michael Jackson - We Are The World 2010

Michael Jackson We Are The World - 25 for Haiti

The "We Are The World 2010" Video is available. Click on "Read More" to view it.

Fans can download "We Are the World 25 for Haiti" online now. All proceeds will benefit earthquake recovery efforts in Haiti.

Twenty-five years after the all-star recording of "We Are the World" became a signature moment in celebrity altruism and pop-music history, a number of today's biggest stars gathered on Monday night to record "We Are the World — 25 for Haiti," the classic 1985 charity single re-imagined as a benefit for earthquake relief.

Though song co-writer Michael Jackson passed away last summer, his presence was most definitely felt in the studio, where fellow co-writer Lionel Richie and producer Quincy Jones had assembled more than 80 singers, rappers and actors for the new version. To make sure that listeners feel his presence too, Janet Jackson will be representing her brother in the new recording. "She's doing Michael's part in the middle the same part Michael did," Jones told the press. "She's representing Michael."

Many of those involved on Monday said MJ's part in the original will always remain their favorite. "My favorite part of the song — it would be the bridge [when Michael comes in]," said Mya, who hinted that Jackson's voice might make it onto this version too. "I'm not exactly sure what I'm supposed to share. ... We do hope [to have Michael's voice on the track]."

Michael Jackson's doctor charged with involuntary manslaughter

Los Angeles, California - Pop singer Michael Jackson's doctor Conrad Murray was charged with involuntary manslaughter yesterday. Prosecutors accuse the doctor of prescribing a deadly anesthetic, ostensibly as a sleep aide, that killed the singer in June. His attorney says the doctor will plead not guilty, and that the doctor never prescribed anything that could have killed Jackson. Murray, a cardiologist based in Las Vegas, served as Jackson's personal doctor while the star prepared for a concert tour.

With Dr. Conrad Murray officially charged in Michael Jackson's death, the Los Angeles coroner has released the autopsy report that said it was a homicide. The 51-page report gives vivid detail supporting last August's conclusion that Jackson died from "acute propofol intoxication." Murray told investigators he gave Jackson propofol, a powerful anesthetic, to help him sleep. Murray, who was with Jackson when he died, is charged with involuntary manslaughter by acting "without malice" but also "without due caution and circumspection."

CNN reported Joe Jackson sat in the courtroom while Murray pleaded not guilty to the charge. Joe Jackson told Larry King that he, along with this family and Michael Jackson's fans, all believe that the charge was not enough.

The Grammy Awards - A Tribute to Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Grammy TributeThe Grammy Awards is an annual event established in 1958 presented by the National Academy of Recording Art and Science for outstanding achievements in the music industry.

This year’s 52nd edition was a tribute to Michael Jackson. The tribute was with a 3D mini movie originally designed for his “This Is It” tour which was presented to the audience, with the message saving the planet. The hit “Earth Song” joined Celine Dion, Usher, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson and Smokey Robinson. Jackson's children Prince Michael and Paris were the show’s finale when they accepted the Lifetime Achievement Grammy in the honor of their father.

Lionel Richie also gave a heartfelt intro to the 3D tribute to the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson—the unprecedented production number that had some audience members (including Beyoncé, Rihanna and and TV audiences wearing their 3D glasses to watch the short film that accompanied Jackson’s “Earth Song.”

After the tribute, Jackson’s two kids, Prince and Paris (both dressed with armbands and red stripes on their pants reminiscent of one of Jackson’s famous looks), took the stage to accept their father's Lifetime Achievement Award.

As Prince nervously but commandingly took the microphone, and with Paris’ own simple follow-up statement, “Daddy was supposed to be here. Daddy was gonna perform this year… We love you daddy,” the Staples Center audience was on its feet, tears filling their eyes.

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"Dancing Inmates" from CPDRC perform "Michael Jackson's This Is It" concerts opening

Philippines "Dancing Inmates" from Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC), a maximum security prison, were treated to a visit by Michael Jacksons long-time choreographer Travis Payne and dancers Daniel Celebre and Dres Reid to learn performances from THIS IS IT.

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