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Michael Jackson Attended Rosa Parks' Funeral

On Wednesday, Michael Jackson attended to Rosa Parks' funeral that was celebrated in Detroit. The King of the Pop assisted the long ceremony seated between Rosa's relatives. There were present tens of politicians, businessmen, religious leaders and people of the show business to give the woman, who gave life to the fights for the civil rights in America, the last goodbye; between them, beyond Michael, Jesse Jackson, the former president Bill Clinton, president George W. Bush and Aretha Franklin.
The funeral ceremony lasted 7 hours, from the late morning to the first shadows of the evening, and has been a long celebration to Rosa Parks' life, to her battles for the civil rights and to the future that will not be able to forget her work.
Rosa Parks died on October 24th at the age of 92 and since that day all the United States are paying her the honor that deserves. Mrs. Parks has been one of the more important activist of the movement for the civil rights and she was famous to refuse to leave her place on a bus to a white man in 1955 in Montgomery city. Her arrest caused the protest against the racial discriminations leaded by Martin Luther King Jr.

Arvizo In Court On Welfare Charges

The mother of a boy whose accusations of molestation against Michael Jackson were rejected by a jury made a brief and apparently reluctant court appearance on welfare fraud charges today in Los Angeles.

At first, the woman was absent from the hearing, sending her lawyer to handle a postponement.

But Superior Court Judge David Horwitz demanded she come to court. After a two-hour delay, she rushed in, clad in a jogging suit.

The Associated Press is withholding the name of the woman to protect the identity of her son.

With her hair pulled back in a barette and no makeup, the woman was barely recognizable as the witness who testified at length in the Jackson trial.

She is accused of perjury in falsely applying for welfare aid.

Prosecutors allege she collected nearly 19-thousand dollars in fraudulently obtained welfare payments between November 2001 and March 2003, failing to disclose she had received a 150-thousand-dollar settlement of a lawsuit against a department store chain.

The 37-year-old woman didn't speak during today's proceeding. Her lawyer agreed to a postponement until December 19th for further scheduling.

R.Kelly And Babyface Will Produce The New Single

Jackson is indeed in Los Angeles recording his charity single, "From the Bottom of My Heart." For the last two nights, Jackson has had pop and R&B artists come over to Conway Studios on Melrose Avenue to add vocals to the project. A person who answered the phone at Conway confirmed the story today.

I’m told that Jackson managed to get just a smattering of acts to come over to Conway, including The O'Jays, Snoop Dogg, Ciara, Shirley Caesar and James Ingram. The word is that Kenneth "Babyface" Edmonds and R. Kelly are producing the track.

Jackson Re-Records The Charity Single

The superstar Michael Jackson has scrapped the first version of his charity single "From The Bottom Of My Heart" and is now re-recording it in Los Angeles.

Jackson wrote and recorded the track, which is planned as a hurricane disaster benefit single, in London recently.

But his publicist Raymone Bain reveals Jackson is unhappy with the finished version, and plans to retitle and re-record the song.

And he's using the fact that many of the artists he wants to join him on the record are in Los Angeles for the 25th anniversary celebrations of cable TV channel Bet to speed the recording process along.

Bain explains, "He thought it was a good time to do the vocals."

Bain adds that Jackson will publicly announce the new title of the single in the next few days.

Jackson Called For Jury Service

Authorities want Michael Jackson back in court, this time as a juror. Jackson received a jury summons at his Neverland Valley Ranch in California, four months after he was acquitted of child molestation charges.

"It's just one of those ironies of life that he'd be called as a juror," said Laurie Levenson, a professor at Loyola School of Law who monitored Jackson's trial.

It's unlikely that Jackson will show up for jury selection. His lawyers have filed paperwork for a deferment based on the fact that he now lives in Bahrain.

"He is permanently living outside of the United States," Thomas Mesereau, who defended Jackson against the child molestation charges, said yesterday (Oct. 19).

Jury Commissioner Gary Blair said Jackson likely will be excused from serving. "All he has to do is show he has legal residency somewhere else and he'll be exempted," Blair said.

Blair said he summoned Ronald Reagan when he was president but granted him a deferment until he was out of office. Actress Bo Derek, also a local resident, received at least two jury summonses and served on one panel without incident.

Michael Jackson Visits Madame Tussaud

Pop legend Michael Jackson pleased the tourists in London for the second day running and caused pandemonium at Madame Tussaud's on Sunday evening.

The controversial singer was mobbed by fans at the world-famous attraction when he arrived with his three children.

Minders carried the star's young family - Prince Michael Jr, Prince Michael II (nicknamed Blanket) and Paris-Michael - from a people carrier with blacked out windows. As usual, their faces were covered.

Jackson, 47, wearing a black suit, matching shirt and dark glasses, then walked through a crowd of fans, shielding his eyes from camera flashes, and into the building.

Large numbers of staff from Madame Tussaud's were waiting inside the attraction to greet the singer. 

Music's Biggest Superstar Support Jackson

A solid lineup of music superstars have agreed to sing on Michael Jackson's forthcoming charity single to help raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Among those on the list are pop diva Mariah Carey, rappers Snoop Dogg and Jay Z and James Brown, 'The Godfather of Soul.' Lenny Kravitz, Laryn Hill, Missy Elliot, Babyface, Mary J. Blige and the soul group the O'Jays will also appear.

A spokeswoman for Jackson said that the lineup was not final and more stars could be joining the 'King of Pop' in this comeback/charity single.
'Mr. Jackson is continuing to reach out to artists who would like to work with him on this project, which he humbly hopes will make a tremendous difference to all individuals who have been affected by this tragedy, Jackson spokeswoman Raymone Bain.

The song is tentatively called 'From the Bottom of My Heart.' Jackson is still vacationing in Bahrain after being acquitted on child molestation charges although Bain says he will return to the U.S. shortly to record the song.

All proceeds of the all-star effort will be donated to hurricane victims according to Bain.

Jackson raised more than $60 million for African famine relief in 1985 when he co-wrote 'We Are the World' and helped form the all-star charity band 'USA For Africa.' {mosimage}

To My Fans Throughout The World:

To My Fans Throughout the World:

Thank you so very much for your cards, letters and acts of kindness in celebration of my birthday. You are the most dedicated and caring fans in the world.

I love you and God bless you all!


Michael Jackson

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Message From La Toya Jackson

Personal Message from La Toya Jackson

I would like to give all of you heartfelt thanks for your continued voices of encouragement and for your amazing support of Michael during the trying days that now, thankfully, lie behind us. Thank you so very much!

It has meant a great deal to me, to Michael and to our whole family.
It is truly wonderful to have such amazing and loyal fans!

This is a very big victory for Michael and we are all very proud that he has been completely and totally vindicated in court, as we were certain he would be.

I am pleased to tell you that he is finally getting some rest and is regaining his appetite as well.

The end of the trial and the 'not guilty' verdicts on all counts, clearing Michael of all charges, mean that he can now concentrate on the future and his art.
He will be beginning a brand new chapter in the Michael Jackson LEGEND.

This means that I am not the only person 'Startin' Over' -
Michael is now STARTING OVER as well.

As a matter of fact, this will be a brand new beginning for all of us.

Thank you!

Lots of Love


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