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Father of Michael Jackson's first accuser committed suicide

Evan Chandler, the father to the boy that Michael Jackson was once accused of sexually molesting, was found dead in his Jersey City apartment on November 5th.

Chandler's death has been ruled a suicide as he was found with a gun on his body and he had a single bullet wound to the head. He was 65 years old.

Chandler charged Jackson with the molestation of his then 13-year-old son in the early '90s, but that case never went to trial and they reached a multi-million-dollar civil settlement.

Janet Jackson: "Doctor Murray is responsible for Michael's death"

In an exclusive interview with ABC's Robin Roberts, to be seen in "Prime Time" Wednesday night, Janet Jackson discusses the death of her brother, Michael Jackson.

Janet doesn't want Dr. Conrad Murray to continue practicing medicine, because she doesn't want the man she holds "responsible" for her brother's death to strike again on "someone else." Janet also said she doesn't know if Murray was the only doctor hooking Michael up with drugs - but added "the truth always prevails."

The District Attorney's office has not announced any charges against Murray in Jackson's death, but he remains under investigation. He appeared in court yesterday to face charges that he owes more than $14,000 in child support.

MJPortal's World Exclusive - Travis Payne talks about Michael Jackson

Worldwide famous coreographer Travis Payne, Michael Jackson's old friend and associate producer of the "Michael Jackson's - This Is It" film, has exclusively granted the following flash, though really intense, interview to

We deeply thank Travis for having found the time to fulfill our request, initially agreed for June 09, then postponed until some days ago.

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Michael Jackson's This Is It grosses 200 millions worldwide

The Michael Jackson documentary This Is It has topped the $200 million mark in worldwide ticket sales. The concert rehearsal documentary had earned $61 million in the U.S. going into this weekend, while pulling in the rest of the $200 million from overseas. The movie has reportedly brought in $27 million in Japan while the U.K. grossed $14 million in ticket sales.

The film will continue to pull in money since the initial plan to have the film run for two weeks was shelved after the DVD release was pushed back to early 2010. This Is It will now run in theaters into December.

Michael Jackson: Exclusive Interview to Coreographer and Producer Travis Payne

We have noticed that, despite clearly stated in our article that "Unauthorized Reproduction is Forbidden", some Italian websites are publishing the Exclusive Interview Granted to MJPortal by Coreographer Travis Payne, without credits, direct linking, and the relative preamble.

This interview is the result of months of email talks with Travis and we find very unfair this attemp to take credit of our work.

The only two authorized websites are: and

All other websites are infringing copyrights.

Warhol's Michael Jackson portrait sells for $812K

Michael Jackson Portrait by Andy Warhol NEW YORK — A "Thriller"-era silk-screened portrait of Michael Jackson created by Andy Warhol has sold for $812,500 to an anonymous collector. The artwork was sold at Christie's in New York City Tuesday evening. Christie's estimated that the portrait would sell for $500,000 to $700,000.

The 1984 portrait depicts a smiling Jackson in a jacket with squiggles of red and yellow in his hair.The auction house says the seller is an anonymous private collector based in New York who bought the image from the Andy Warhol Foundation in the 1990s. It did not say who bought the artwork. The image was one of 47 lots auctioned Tuesday, including two other Warhol paintings.

"This Is It" - Another record for Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Glove Michael Jackson’s This is It continues to lead at the box office. The documentary, comprised of approximately 120 hours of rehearsal footage has become a hit with critics and movie watchers alike. However, for many fans the movie is much more than a chance to see Michael Jackson perform on stage, it serves as another way to say good-bye to the 50 year old King of Pop.

‘This Is It’ film has had its cinema run extended. The movie made from the Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for his doomed comeback shows has proved a box office hit, making more than $101m (€68.5m) worldwide since it opened in cinemas on October 28.

This has prompted Sony pictures to extend its cinema run from an initial two weeks by another three weeks in the US and between one and three weeks in other countries. Of the decision, Sony Pictures spokesperson Rory Bruer said: “He's just loved everywhere on the planet.”

Michael Jackson's "This Is It" - Triumphant Documentary

Michael Jackson This Is ItMichael Jackson's "This Is It" opened worldwide Wednesday along with praise from critics and fans who say it restores Jackson's reputation as a world-class entertainer. While This Is It’s domestic gross of $7.4 million seems a bit soft for a film with such high expectations, its international opening day number of $12.7 million confirms the King of Pop’s global appeal.

The United Kingdom, France, and Japan had the highest-grossing opening days internationally, with each territory hauling over $1 million. Reviews for the Kenny Ortega-directed film have been fairly solid across the board and Jackson is sure to win the weekend. This Is It’s domestic take should top the $40 million for its first five days.

New DVD - Michael Jackson "The Life and Times of The King of Pop"

Michael Jackson was one of the most famous people on earth and the greatest entertainer of all time. When a king dies, his heir or a peer takes over the throne. With the passing of the King of Pop, there can be no one to take over from him as Michael is truly irreplaceable. Born on 29 August 1958 in Gary, Indiana to a working class family. Died on 25 June 2009 as the undisputed King of Pop...

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Michael Jackson was in good health: official authopsy results revealed

KING of Pop Michael Jackson was a healthy man before his death from an overdose, his autopsy revealed. Despite shocking reports of him wasting away to a sickly skeleton, reported some months ago by the English tabloid "The Sun", 5ft 9in Jackson's 9st10lb weight was within the acceptable range.

Although his arms were covered with punctures and his body littered with the scars of plastic surgery, the 50-year-old singer's organs were mainly healthy. And far from being full of a cocktail of drugs, his system contained only the anaesthetic propofol and benzodiazepine sedatives injected by his doctor Conrad Murray to help him sleep.

No other drugs - legal or illegal - were detected, nor was any alcohol.

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