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Burial Plans for Michael Jackson Announced

Michael Jackson will be buried on September 3rd, publicists for the Jackson family said yesterday morning in a press release. The announcement confirms remarks made earlier this week by Mr. Jackson’s father, Joe Jackson, who said in interviews that the singer would be laid to rest on that date.

Michael Jackson would be buried at Holly Terrace in the Great Mausoleum at Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, Calif. The burial ceremony will be private, limited to only family and close friends. Jackson would have been proud since there are more major Hollywood stars buried there than any other cemetery in the world. The Forest Lawn memorial park is over 300 acres in size and is a popular Hollywood tourist attraction. Over 250,000 people are buried here and there are over 1 million visitors per year. Famous entertainment legends like Sammy Davis, Jr., Walt Disney, Nat King Cole, Dorothy Dandridge, Spencer Tracy, Errol Flynn and Jimmy Stewart are buried at the Forest Lawn cemetery.

Third autopsy on the King of Pop?

Two autopsies have already been carried out on the King of Pop, who died on June 25th, but Katherine Jackson wants a third to be held. One of the autopsies was carried out privately at the request of the Jackson family, and now another is set to be held later this week.

According to “The Sun”, Katherine Jackson wasn't happy with what it did not reveal to her. It's thought Katherine, 79, wants to see murder charges brought rather than manslaughter based on negligence.

Katherine Jackson, Michael’s mother, has finally broken her silence on the death of the King of Pop by doing a telephone interview on Geraldo at Large, as People magazine can confirm. She too, like the other members of the family who have addressed the issue publicly, believes foul play was the case, since the singer’s passing at such an early age is too suspicious to have been “natural.”

Michael Jackson's death: the saddest moment in the history of Internet

Michael Jackson TrialIt might not come as such a surprise that average happiness peaks on Election Days and again on Christmas Days, at least by one reckoning. What’s new is that such a thing can be measured by analyzing vast amounts of daily, real-time verbiage.

That’s what two University of Vermont researchers have done for an article published recently in The Journal of Happiness Studies. The UVM researchers, computer scientist Chris Danforth and mathematician Peter Dodds, looked at 10 million blog sentences that began “I feel ... ” or “I am feeling ... .” They scored the words in the sentences, compiled averages, and looked for patterns, or mood swings — over the course of a year, or over the days of the week.

They found that the overall average score tended to be relatively high, for example, on Valentine’s Day and on weekends; low on Wednesdays, and on Sept. 11 anniversaries — and the day Michael Jackson died. The day of Michael Jackson's death is definitely the saddest moment of their research.

Dr. Murray officially investigated for manslaughter

A law enforcement official confirmed yesterday that Dr. Conrad Murray has been identified in court papers as the subject of a manslaughter investigation surrounding the death of Michael Jackson.

Authorities believe that Dr. Murray administered the Propofol to Jackson the night before he died, and that this is what killed the King of Pop.

Two days after Jackson's death, Dr. Murray told LAPD detectives he administered Propofol to the singer hours before he died. This, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

Murray was present when Jackson passed away on June 25th, but his lawyer maintains that he did not prescribe or give Jackson anything that should have killed him.

We're told Dr. Murray gave Jackson an IV drip of the powerful anesthesia. Police believe Dr. Murray simply wasn't paying attention when the singer's heart stopped beating. Dr. Murray may have actually fallen asleep during the time the drug was administered and may have awakened to find Jackson already dead from heart failure.

Michael Jackson honored in Austria with Humanitarian Award

Jermaine Jackson accepts the "Save The World Awards"The "World Awards Association" has lost a supporter and friend who was presented with the 2002 World Arts Award, the music world an inspirational artist. Therefore the World Awards Association has decided to give the first "Save The World Awards" on July 24, 2009 at the Nuclear Power Plant Zwentendorf in Austria a special motto: “Heal The World”.

The goals of the "Save The World Awards are similar to those Michael Jackson has strongly advocated throughout his life: peace, tolerance and saving our fragile Earth.

His brother Jermaine Jackson accepted the "2009 Save the World Award" for the King of Pop's efforts to reach out to the less fortunate and give a voice to the vulnerable. "I'm very proud that Michael enriched the lives of so many people, not only with his music but with his immense generosity," Jackson said as he accepted the posthumous prize at a gala west of Vienna. "Michael's message has always been 'heal the world' but he alone could never have accomplished that so it is left up to every one of us to ensure that we do."


First pictures of "I Love MJ - Tribute to Michael Jackson"

Michael Jackson Tribute Here are the first pictures of the incredible event dedicated to Michael Jackson. Last night, almost 200 people attended the party conceived by Klub59 and MJPortal. During the day we will be publishing also the first videos of the first Italian tribute dedicated to the King of Pop.

A very special thanks to Elisa and Guido (Klub59) and our great friend Alessandro Caso, host of the event.

Click the image on the right to view all the pictures.

$50 million for Michael Jackson's rehearsal footage

Michael Fans who feel robbed of the chance to see what Michael Jackson had in store for the world in his comeback concerts may be able to see for themselves, and soon. Footage from Jackson's rehearsals is likely headed for the big screen.

Kenny Ortega, the director of Jackson's show who is best known as the director of "High School Musical," is already beginning to cobble together images of the King of Pop as he prepared for his "This Is It!" concerts that were scheduled to take place in London this summer, Variety reports.

The movie could be in theaters before the end of the year, and possibly as early as October.

Ian Halperin's Book: Just Garbage!

Canadian writer Ian Halperin has been continuosly speculating about Michael Jackson's habits in the last few months, in the attempt of launching his presumed biography about the King of Pop, and to make lots of money. This indecent behaviour could have been tolerated, amongts thousands of jackals around the world, until Michael Jackson was alive. Now that the King of Pop has passed, we can no more accept social climbers like him going on with these nauseating insinuations against one of the most good-hearted person of the planet.

We strongly invite you NOT TO BUY that rubbish, unless you want to waste your money to read FALSE INFORMATION.

On this website you will find all the truths about Michael Jackson's life.

No new Michael Jackson material until 2012?

Michael JacksonForget the rush to issue unreleased Michael Jackson material – according to a report this week, we may not hear any new songs until 2012.

According to BusinessWeek, Jackson was locked into a contract with Sony Music until the end of 2011. Though the singer completed his obligations to the label with the release of 2001's Invincible album, any music released before 2012 would still allegedly be owned by Sony. In 2012, however, the master recordings of Jackson's entire Sony catalogue will revert to his estate. After Jackson's death, the music industry is in a rush to get its hands on a reported 150 unreleased songs.

Sony is particularly keen, seeing as it appears to own the rights at present. But this contract may be the thing that delays posthumous Jackson releases, as the singer's executors try to maximize profits from the unreleased catalogue. Jackson's longtime lawyer, John Branca, is one of the two "special administrators" of the King of Pop's estate. An old hand of the music industry, Branca is expected to try to postpone any Jackson releases until the expiry of the Sony contract, so that he can engineer a bidding war among labels. Jackson's estate could also issue the music on their own independent imprint.

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