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Michael Jackson's Auction Cancelled

Michael Jackson AuctionBEVERLY HILLS, April 14th - A huge auction of Michael Jackson memorabilia scheduled for next week was cancelled yesterday and auctioneers agreed to return all the items to the singer.

Darren Julien confirmed the cancellation of the auction was the result of an agreement with Jackson, who had filed a lawsuit in March demanding the return of certain items. A public exhibit of the 1,400 lots, opened on Tuesday in Beverly Hills, will continue until April 25th.

All the items would be returned to Jackson when the exhibit closes.

Michael Jackson hiring David Copperfield for 02 shows?

david copperfield michael jacksonThe King of Pop has reportedly asked the illusionist to help on his 'This Is It' tour. Michael Jackson has allegedly asked David Copperfield to help him create a number of stunts, including a levitation trick for his London residency. A source told The Sun Newspaper "He has some very clear plans on what he wants the show to include and feels David is the man to help make them happen. It's not just about music for Michael, it's about the show.” The Billie Jean singer also apparently wants a number of stars, including the UK’s very own Leona Lewis to join him on stage as well as his 12 year old son, Prince Michael I.

Michael's 1 Million mansion...

Over the years Bromley has been called home by the likes of David Bowie, Charles Darwin and HG Wells. But these famous residents of the leafy London suburb are about to be eclipsed by one of the world's biggest stars. Michael Jackson is rumoured to have paid £1million to rent a three-storey mansion in a sheltered street in the upmarket area of Chislehurst. According to the Bromley Times, Jackson's new home includes an underground cinema, music room, indoor swimming pool, lake and private wood. The house, built in the 1800s, has quarters for 20 staff and includes state-of-the-art CCTV. It is expected that Jackson will move into the mansion in time for his money In the past the star has stayed in luxurious suites in five-star hotels in the capital. But this time his visit will last for more than six months - from July to February. Perhaps he is hoping to find some peace and quiet in the sheltered location, and to protect his three children from the hysterical scenes seen this summer...

Jackson's son may appear at concert

Prince MichaelWhen Michael Jackson performs at his first of 50 scheduled shows at London’s O2 arena this July, he could have a surprise musical guest with him: oldest son Prince Michael I. “What better way to introduce his son to the music world than to have him come onstage during the most anticipated concert in history?” says a source who was told of the possible plan. “Of course nothing’s set yet, and Michael is always changing his mind.”

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Ticketmaster prepares tickets for resale

Michael JacksonThe official website selling tickets for Michael Jackson concerts at the 02 in London are preparing for the resale of tickets. When tickets went on sale last Wednesday and Friday, Ticketmaster clearly stated that there was a four ticket limit per credit card per household for the entire tour. Some people have of course ignored this and have purchased more than the allowed allocation. Ticketmaster are now checking orders and canceling extra tickets. The site is now back online and taking orders. Of course, tickets are selling fast, so fans will need to just keep checking.

50 concerts sold out in 5 hours

This is itAll 50 shows in Michael Jackson’s comeback series of concerts in London sold out in five hours, Reuters reported on Friday. Mr. Jackson, whose last concert tour was 12 years ago, initially committed to 10 shows at London’s O2 Arena but added another 40 that will extend the run to Feb. 24, 2010. When Jackson was told, he started crying, Sky News reported. Despite that, promoter AEG Live is having trouble lining up an insurer to cover a seven-month run by the famously frail pop star, London's Daily Telegraph reported Saturday. AEG has lined up insurance for the first 10 dates, but may be forced to self-insure the rest of the performances at the O2 arena between July and February.  Chief executive Randy Phillips said he isn't worried. "The insurance brokers sent doctors and they spend five hours with him, taking blood tests. He's a vegetarian, he's in great shape," he said. "We would be prepared to self-insure to make up the dates. It's a risk we're willing to take to bring the King of Pop to his fans."

New single and album on the way...

Michael JacksonAccording to still unconfirmed sources, a brand new Michael Jackson single, followed by a studio album, is going to be released in the next months. Michael has been writing hundreds of songs after the 2001 Invincible album, working with several pop icons. More information will be released soon.

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