Michael Jackson - In Search of Neverland

MJPortal would like to suggest you the wonderful booklet by Gloria Rhoads Berlin, revealing intimate particulars about Michael's search of Neverland. The following comment, posted by a reader on Amazon.com, could not explain better how my heart felt during the reading of the book:

"In Search of Neverland, by the author, Gloria Rhoads Berlin, gives you insight of a King before his time, becomes intimate and builds a close relationship with a magical young man whose ideals are far beyond anyone's imagination. Berlin, in a humorous gentle way, opens the magical window of Michael's most private life to some extent, giving the reader the feeling you're right along side of them.

Enjoying the antics of Michael, sharing his love for nature, animals and flowers and how his dream to find his escape from imprisonment to freedom, and what it would be like when he began to build it up his dream home with the things he loved dearly.

We share intimate secrets of what happened during the life in Encino with his animals, the journey into buying this forever land that would be the most magical place on earth. It's just the tip of the iceberg of many wonderful stories Ms. Berlin, who is now 80 years old, could tell us. Cherish the dreams and memories and go on her adventure. "

You can buy the book at Amazon

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