Unique unpublished photographs of Michael Jackson to go on auction

Michael Jackson par Arno Bani On Monday, 13 December 2010 in Paris, Pierre Bergé & Associés will be holding the much awaited auction of hitherto unpublished photographs of Michael Jackson. These photographs of the King of Pop are the result of an extraordinary adventure whose hero was Arno Bani, a young French photographer to whom the star took the unprecedented step of entrusting his image in 1999.

Arno Bani, who was left with an entirely free hand in producing the photoshoot, created 4 different artistic scenarios, choosing top names in fashion to work with him, including Jérôme Dreyfuss, Topolino, Sew Bascle, Frédérique Lorca and Maïda. During the sale, 90 unique and hitherto unveiled items*, each numbered 1 of 1, will be presented for auction, among which:

  • 4 unique portraits selected by Michael Jackson, size 210 x 166.7 cm
  • 55 photographic prints (6 x 7 cm), some of them illustrating a variety of takes
  • All the contact sheets (31) from the shoot, some of them annotated by Michael Jackson himself
The publication of the picture you see here, entitled "La Main d'Argent", has been granted to MJPortal.com by Pierre Bergé & Associés
For further info please visit www.pba-auctions.com

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