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2nd November

2000 - Michael Jackson's mini-film "Ghosts" was shown at the International Fantastic Film Festival in Tokyo, Japan.

2001 - It was announced that Michael Jackson would make his first in-store appearance on the following Wednesday (November 7) to promote the album "Invincible." The album was his all-new studio album in 10 years.

31th October

1987 - Michael Jackson's single "Bad" hit #1 in the U.S. for a second consecutive week.

26th October

2008 - Report appear that Michael spoke to a fan on his recent shopping trip, sayng that he will not be taking up a residency at Las Vegas hotel, but he plan a 30-date World Tour next year. He added that wanted to do it for his children, to show them what he does, and take them on the road with him.

25th October

1997 - The cast of "The Wiz" hold a party at Studio 54 in Michael Jackson's honor.

1980 - "Lovely One\Things I Do For You" enter the Top 75 singles in Britain

2003 - Michael is in Las Vegas to receive the key of the city from the mayor Goodman.

24th October

1987 - Michael Jackson's single "Bad" hit #1 in the U.S. and #3 in the U.K.

1988 - Michael performs to an audience of over 50.000 at concert at the Palace of Auburn in Rochester, Minn. The concert is a benefit for the Motown Museum.

1993 - Michael Jackson meet the President of Mexico.

23rd October

1982 - "Muscles" enter the top 75 singles chart in Britain peaking at number 15 and remain on the charts for nine weeks. "The Girl Is Mine", from the album "Thriller", is released as one - sided single by Epic.

1988 - Michael Jackson visited the house where Berry Gordy Jr. launched Motown records in 1959. Jackson donated $125,000 to the Motown Museum.

1993 - Michael Jackson performs in concert at the National Stadium in Santiago, Cile.

15Th January

2001 - Michael Jackson's CD single for "Butterflies" was released commercially in the U.S.
2003 - Michael Jackson attended Maurice Gibb's private funeral.
2004 - Michael Jackson's video "Number Ones" was certified Gold and Platinum by the RIAA.

8Th December

1992 - Michael Jackson's single "Heal The World" was released. This version of the single contained a version of "Heal The World" with an into.
1992 - Michael Jackson and the Cleveland Orchestra came to a settlement over Jackson's alleged unauthorized use of the orchestra's Beethoven's Ninth recording for the album "Dangerous."
1993 - In Tel Aviv, Israel, LaToya Jackson said "I can't remain silent. I love him bu I cannot and will not be a silent collaborator (in) his crimes against small innocent children. You tell me what 35-year old man is goint to take a little boy...and stay with him for five days in his room?" Jackson was referring to the current child-molestation allegations surrounding her brother Michael.

7Th December

1984 - Michael Jackson testified in Chicago, IL, that he wrote the song "The Girl is Mine," not an Illinois man. Jackson won the case.
1991 - Michael Jackson's single "Black Or White" hit #1 in the U.S.
1995 - Doctors announced that Michael Jackson "will require several days of critical-care monitoring and treatment." He was being treated for inflammation of the stomach, dehydration and kidney and liver irregularities caused by an electolyte imbalance. Jackson had collapsed onstage December 6th while rehearsing for an upcoming HBO special.

20Th November

1991 - Armed men stole 30,000 copies of Michael Jackson's "Dangerous" album from a terminal at Los Angeles Airport.

2001 - Michael Jackson's short film "Cry" was released.

2003 - Several wireless microphones were discovered outside the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department headquarters. This was the same day that Michael Jackson surrendered on charges of child molestation. The microphones had been found in an area typically sued by employees during their break.


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