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8Th September

1985 - Michael Jackson's single "Girl You're So Together" hit #33 in the U.K.

1985 - Michael Jackson appeared as the duet vocalist on Jermaine Jackson's "Tell Me I'm Not Dreaming."

1994 - Janet Jackson won the Best Female Video category for "If" at the 11th annual MTV Video Music Awards.

1994 - Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley opened the 11th annual MTV Video Music Awards.

7Th September

1984 - Janet Jackson announced that she and James DeBarge had been married. The marriage was dissolved seven months later.

1988- Janet Jackson won Best Choreography category for "The Pleasure Principle" at the fifth annual MTV Video Music Awards.Michael Jackson won the Video Vanguard award at the fifth annual MTV Vidoe Music Awards.
1988 - Michael Jackson's single "Another Part Of Me" hit #11 in the U.S. and #15 in the U.K.

1990 - Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" won the Best Choreography Award at the seventh annual MTV Video Music Awards.
1995 - Michael Jackson performed a medley of past hits (with an exilarant performance of "Dangerous" and "Billie Jean") and "You Are Not Alone" at the 12th annual MTV Video Music Awards. Jackson received three awards for "Scream". Michael Jackson featured a new look for this public appeareance.

1996 - Michael Jackson launched his "HIStory" world tour in Prague.

2001 - Michael Jackson performed a special concert to celebrate his 30 years as a solo artist. He played a second show on September 10th.

2004 - Several court documents from the Michael Jackson child-molestation trial revealed details of some evidence that had been seized from Neverland Ranch. The following items were to be admitted into evidence: a dozen computers, a camera, videotape recordings, a tissue, books, bags, various paperwork, an audio cassette recorder, a cassette titled "Earth Song 6-8-89," keys to the master bedroom, an envelope, print ads, a letter, and a case with phone-recording equipment. Other items that were likely to be supressed: photographs from the Neverland arcade, additional photos found in a safe, a book on robotic dogs, a November 2003 calendar, a Garden City Hotel bag, medicine bottles, a medical log and daily entry logs for the ranch.

4Th September

1997 - Michael Jackson canceled a performance at the Olympic Stadium in Barcelona, Spain, because the local promoter had failed to meet financial and technical requirements.

2001 - Michael Jackson appeared on the MTV Video Music Awards with NSYNC.

1St September

1987 - Michael Jackson's album "Bad" was released in Britain.

2004 -  The 2004 MTV Video Music Awards took place in Miami, Florida, USA last Sunday. Usher won two VMA awards for his hit "Yeah!", Best Male Video and Best Dance Video. During his acceptance speech he thanked those who inspired him, including his idol Michael Jackson.

31Th August

1987 - CBS-TV aired a special entitle "Michael Jackson - The Magic Returns." Also, the 17-minute "Bad" video was aired.

1993 - Tito and Jermaine Jackson walked off the set of NBC-TV's "Today" show when a crew arrived to interview the two about the troubles of their brother Michael with the Los Angeles Police Department. The two later held a press conference where they stated their support for their brother.

2001 - Michael Jackson rang the opening NASDAQ bell at the NASDAQ market site in Times Square. The first single off the King of Pop's new album, which is due to hit stores in October, debuted at number 34 on Billboard's Hot 100 Singles Chart. The high rating makes 'You Rock My World' Billboard's Hot Shot debut for the week.

30Th August

1992 - The second show of the Dangerous Tour in Singapore was cancelled. The Jackson family held a press conference in the U.S. Jermaine Jackson read a statement in support of his brother Michael before announcing that the Family plans for a special: The Jackson Family Honors.

The special is due to be filmed in december and televised in January.

1993 - Michael Jackson perform in concert to a capacity audience of over 32,000 at the Southwest Stadium in Germainy.

2000 - Anastacia has a reputation for being a bit of a dance diva, but the truth is she can rock! Following the global success of 'I'm Outta Love', Anastacia has released her debut album 'Not That Kind'.

In an interview, Paul Cashmere of Australian Radio asked her about the day Michael Jackson called her.

"Actually, when Michael Jackson called, it was all leading up to the fact that when I did the show 'The Cut', which was the star search kind of show. I was proposed to by a lot of record companies being interested in wanting me to sign with them. In the process of all those meetings and stuff, I was meeting with MJJ, so it was inevitable to meet the presidents of all of these labels, because I was starting to get to that point. Michael Jackson was one of these people that I had to meet, as well as Tommy and Bob Jamieson and the presidents of all the great record companies, so it really was a professional situation. It wasn't like "I'm a really big fan and I want to have you autograph everything that I own", it was a phone call of admiration from a performer to a performer, as a president to an artist wanting to be signed, as an artist looking at what a label has to offer, it was that kind of conversation, but what a light conversation! He was laughing, I was laughing, we were having a great time. It was so wonderful to be able to speak to him. He's so inspiring and what a genius! Forever I'll remember that I got to speak with him on the phone. If I never get to meet him or even work with him in the future, it's the beauty of being able to be recognised by something like that."

2004 - The Olympic Stadium Greece was left rocking last night (Sunday), as the games came to an end and made way for the closing ceremony. A huge party was staged featuring lots of music, mixing classics with the new and containing a spectacular array of dazzling fireworks along with lots of confetti and balloons.

One of the highlights of the evening came from gold medallists US women's soccer team, who got up on stage and danced to a rap version of Michael Jackson's ‘Thriller’.

29Th August

1958 - Michael Jackson was born.

2002 - Michael Jackson was presented a birthday cake at the MTV Video Music Awards. Britney Spears presented the gifts to Jackson. At the MTV Video Music Awards, which took place at the Radio City Music Hall in New York on August 29, Michael Jackson received a special award. At the beginning of the MTV show, singer Britney Spears came on stage to present the award. As it was Michael Jackson's birthday there was a huge four-layer cake, white with black musical notes and silver stars positioned in the back. The award, a silver treble clef, was on the table with the cake.

 Britney Spears started with the following words:

"I am thrilled to be here with you in New York on such a special night. And it's more special because it just so happens to be someone special's birthday. This is someone who's inspired me and just about everyone in this room and the world. I consider him the artist of the millennium. He's a true innovator who pioneered the true art of music video, broke down countless barriers and sold more records than any other artist along the way. So, happy birthday my friend, the King Of Pop."
Then Michael came on stage to the intro to Billie Jean and received a standing ovation from the audience. Wearing black pants, a red top with applications and white/golden knee pads, his hair was shoulder length and straight. He was smiling and looked very happy.

Michael hugged Britney Spears, took the award from the table with the cake and walked to the microphone for his acceptance speech: Bless you. Um...I love you too [to the fans yelling at him]. Thank you very much, Britney Spears you're wonderful. If... when I was a little boy in Indiana, if someone had told me... if someone had told me that one day I would be getting, as a musician, the 'Artist Of The Millennium' award I wouldn't have believed it [laughs]. This is really amazing. I can't believe it. Thank you so very much.
But there's a couple of people I have to thank who made this possible [he reaches into his pocket for a piece of paper, and unfolds it]. First I'd like to thank God who makes all things possible. My mother, Joseph Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Trudy Green, Howard Koffman, the genius of John McClain, John Brenka, Berry Gordy, Diana Ross, Gladys Knight, Quincy Jones, I love you. David Blaine your magic is real and I believe in you. And I'd like to thank... I think James Brown is a genius. And all the fans around the world, I love you. God bless you. Thank you.

Then Michael made the peace sign, took the award, looked again at the cake and exited the stage.

28Th August

1984 - The Jacksons’ Victory Tour broke the record for concert ticket sales. The group surpassed the 1.1 million mark in only two months.

1987 - Michael Jackson's album "Bad" was released. It contained seven hit singles.

1992 - Michael Jackson performs to a capacity audience of 60,000 in Frankfurt, Germany.

24Th August

1973 – The Jackson 5 perform in concert in San Francisco, California.

1992 – Michael Jackson attend the first Heal The World European Children Congress at Regent’s College in London.

1993 – Michael Jacksons starts the Asian Leg of the “Dangerous Tour” in Thailand with his first concert at Bangkok’s National Stadium.

1993 - Confidential documents concerning a criminal investigation of Michael Jackson were leaked to the media.

1997 - An escaped psychiatric patient was arrested after he attempted to set fire to the state at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. Two Michael Jackson concerts were scheduled at the venue.

2001 – “You Rock My World”, the first single from the forthcoming album “Invincible” was premiered online, on internet at

2004 - The Sony Music Store USA is accepting preorders for the new 5 disc set 'Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection' (Selection # : 092600). The scheduled release date is October 19, 2004.

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22Th August

1973 - The Jackson 5 performs in concert in Dallas, Texas.

1992 - Michael Jackson performs his 4th concert at Wembley Stadium in London to a capacity audience of 72,000.

2001 - David Gest, producer of the 30th Anniversary concert tributes for Michael, has announced today that over 50 legendary actresses of the Silver Screen will be in attendance to help honor the King of Pop. The list of Hollywood's golden glamor girls includes (alphabetically): Carroll Baker, Ann Blyth, Petula Clark, Angie Dickinson, Patty Duke, Rhonda Fleming, June Haver, Celeste Holm, Sally Ann Howes, Kim Hunter, Anne Jeffreys, Jennifer Jones, Eartha Kitt, Piper Laurie, Janet Leigh, Gina Lollobrigida, Ann Miller, Liza Minnelli, Patricia Neal, Margaret O'Brien, Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Barbara Rush, Jane Russell, Ann Rutherford, Lizabeth Scott, Penny Singleton, Jill St. John, Elizabeth Taylor, Ruth Warrick, and Esther Williams.

Michael had this to say,

"I am honored these legendary ladies of the silver screen will be a part of those evenings. Each one of them is fondly remembered by moviegoers throughout the world for their unforgettable performances which have stood the test of time. To be in the same room with so many screen greats is a real honor."

2002 - Prince Michael II was born. He was the third child born to Michael Jackson. (NOT CONFIRMED)

2004 - Security precautions for Michael Jackson at the court have been heightened after threats that had to do with inflicting bodily harm on the entertainer.

At a hearing on Thursday, defense attorneys for Michael Jackson showed a judge videotapes of the raid on November 18, 2003 on the Neverland Valley Ranch. At the hearing defense attorneys were attempting to limit the evidence prosecutors can present during trial in January. They argue that the search was overly broad and unjustified. In a one-hour excerpt from some 15 hours of video, detectives from the Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Department trudged ahead of a videographer as they opened doors in Michael's home, a Tudor-style mansion with dark wood paneling and glittery chandeliers. For example the detectives swept into the entertainer's "toy room," where his children often played with life-sized "Star Wars" figures and a larger-than-life Superman figure. They also videotaped the wine cellar, business office and the "classroom," with its child-sized desks, where Michael had his children home-schooled. Michael and his family were not at home when the search began at 9 am and ended well after midnight. Some 40 officers participated, trucking with them portable toilets and two crime scene investigation trucks for collection of evidence.

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