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"MJPortal Experience" - The winners

The "MJPortal Experience" contest ended yesterday, December 31st 2010.

Here are the 3 lucky winners:
  • Playstation Portable - Alessandra Calugi - Lamporecchio - PT
  • Nintendo Wii - Fiorella De Lisi - Perugia - PG
  • Nintendo DS - Andrea Fabrizia Valisi - Carpi - MO
The prizes will be sent via priority mail within a couple of days!

"One More Chance" Video leaks on the web

The same day the new single, "Hold My Hand," was released, a previously-unreleased video for his 2003 song "One More Chance" leaked online. In the clip, MJ is seeing performing in a ballroom-type setting while a crowd of people watch him from a stage. The clip will be included in Michael Jackson's Vision, a new collection of his videos scheduled for a November 22nd release.

Unique unpublished photographs of Michael Jackson to go on auction

Michael Jackson par Arno Bani On Monday, 13 December 2010 in Paris, Pierre Bergé & Associés will be holding the much awaited auction of hitherto unpublished photographs of Michael Jackson. These photographs of the King of Pop are the result of an extraordinary adventure whose hero was Arno Bani, a young French photographer to whom the star took the unprecedented step of entrusting his image in 1999.

Arno Bani, who was left with an entirely free hand in producing the photoshoot, created 4 different artistic scenarios, choosing top names in fashion to work with him, including Jérôme Dreyfuss, Topolino, Sew Bascle, Frédérique Lorca and Maïda. During the sale, 90 unique and hitherto unveiled items*, each numbered 1 of 1, will be presented for auction, among which:

  • 4 unique portraits selected by Michael Jackson, size 210 x 166.7 cm
  • 55 photographic prints (6 x 7 cm), some of them illustrating a variety of takes
  • All the contact sheets (31) from the shoot, some of them annotated by Michael Jackson himself
The publication of the picture you see here, entitled "La Main d'Argent", has been granted to by Pierre Bergé & Associés
For further info please visit

"Michael Jackson's Vision" DVD Boxed Set Available Everywhere November 22 2010

Deluxe Boxed Set Features 4 1/2 Hours of Content Across Three DVDs Showcasing More Than 40 Videos In Newly Restored Color and Remastered Audio

In collaboration with the Estate of Michael Jackson, Epic/Legacy Recordings is releasing Michael Jackson's Vision on November 22, making available for the first time ever the entire library of short films produced by Michael Jackson during his career as a solo artist.

The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

Millions of Fans from more than 180 countries are coming together to become a part of Michael Jackson’s unique legacy. In a worldwide tribute to the ultimate King of Pop, artist David Ilan is creating a portrait of Michael using only dots. Each dot represents 1 true fan!

By signing up for free to get your dot number, you'll be taking part in a once in a lifetime tribute - your name will be forever linked to Michael Jackson and 1 million of his biggest fans!

Sign up today to join our massive community of fans and make Michael proud!

Michael Jackson - Best Musician of the 20th Century

Michael Jackson is the most beloved musician of the 20th century according to a poll run by the scientific Italian Magazine "Focus Storia". Second and Third place on the podium appertain to The Queen and The Beatles.

Michael Jackson has been chosen by the 25% of the participants, while legendary Freddie Mercury got the 22% of the votes. In the Top Ten Chart we see also The Beatles, Pink Floyd, U2, and Bob Dylan.

Another poll, conducted by the social network MySpace, crown Michael again, as the Best Artist of All Time, followed by singer Pink, who surpassed Madonna and Lady Gaga. This is the demonstration people still like good music and real Art :)

Michael Jackson Video Game - The Experience

The trailer for Michael Jackson: The Experience claims the game “will electrify the world.” The first video for the new dancing game, released Thursday by gamemaker Ubisoft, depicts people on the street re-enacting the late Michael Jackson’s famous moves, paying particular homage to the iconic video for early ’80s hit “Billie Jean.”

Michael Jackson: The Experience will be available on the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and PlayStation Portable this fall, but the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions are being held until sometime in 2011. "We're giving our teams more time to develop the Kinect and Move versions to ensure we deliver awesome experiences that take full advantage of the new technologies," a rep from UbiSoft told.

With the wild success of Just Dance, Michael Jackson: The Experience will be another smash hit for Ubisoft.

Voghera celebrates Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson Street Tribute Here are the first images of the street event organized by Sunshine Square, Malibu' Gym, and MJPortal, to celebrate the 52nd birthday of the King of Pop.

Despite many persons were still on holidays, and notwithstanding the summer heat, a great flow of people in the main stree of Voghera, Italy, served as a background for this afternoon of music, dance, and thoughts dedicated to Michael Jackson

The video of this small, big, event is still being post produced, and is going to be published in the next days.

Click on the image on the right, to view the 45 pictures available.

Michael Jackson - In Search of Neverland

MJPortal would like to suggest you the wonderful booklet by Gloria Rhoads Berlin, revealing intimate particulars about Michael's search of Neverland. The following comment, posted by a reader on, could not explain better how my heart felt during the reading of the book:

"In Search of Neverland, by the author, Gloria Rhoads Berlin, gives you insight of a King before his time, becomes intimate and builds a close relationship with a magical young man whose ideals are far beyond anyone's imagination. Berlin, in a humorous gentle way, opens the magical window of Michael's most private life to some extent, giving the reader the feeling you're right along side of them.

Enjoying the antics of Michael, sharing his love for nature, animals and flowers and how his dream to find his escape from imprisonment to freedom, and what it would be like when he began to build it up his dream home with the things he loved dearly.

We share intimate secrets of what happened during the life in Encino with his animals, the journey into buying this forever land that would be the most magical place on earth. It's just the tip of the iceberg of many wonderful stories Ms. Berlin, who is now 80 years old, could tell us. Cherish the dreams and memories and go on her adventure. "

You can buy the book at Amazon

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