by | May 10, 2021 | 19:20

President Joe Biden wants 70 per cent of adults in the U.S. to have received at least one shot of the Covid-19 vaccine by the July 4 Independence Day holiday. "You've had experts like the former head of the (Food and Drug Administration), Scott Gottlieb, say it's time to start relaxing the indoor mask mandates".

by | May 10, 2021 | 19:16

Officers who rushed to the scene found six people dead and a wounded man who later died at a hospital. Neighbor Yenifer Reyes said that she heard the gunshots and thought they were thunder. The Aurora shooter is serving a life sentence. But he faces serious opposition from gun rights advocates including Republicans and some Democrats who cite the US Constitution's protection of gun ownership rights.

by | May 10, 2021 | 14:05

The Indian government reported 4,092 fatalities on Sunday. Many Indian states have imposed strict lockdowns over the past month to stem the surge in infections while others have announced restrictions on public movement and shut down cinemas, restaurants, pubs and shopping malls.

by | May 10, 2021 | 11:49

One employee at a nearby vehicle rental centre says he heard multiple gunshots fired in the area. Paramedics responded and according to officials, the situation has been "contained" and the airport is open and safe with flights still operating.

by | May 08, 2021 | 00:02

China says the upper stage of its Long March 5B rocket that launched the core module of its space station will mostly burn up on re-entry, posing little threat to people and property on the ground. On Thursday, U.S. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said the country's military now has no plan "to shoot the rocket down". The nonprofit Aerospace Corporation expects the debris to hit the Pacific near the equator after passing over eastern USA cities.

by | May 07, 2021 | 18:03

Conservatives gained one seat in Northumberland and Labour lost three, to hand control to the Tories. Conservative candidate Jill Mortimer beat the Labour candidate by 15,529 votes to 8,589, securing what less than a decade ago would have been seen as impossible feat of dislodging the main opposition Labour Party from one of its heartland seats in northern England.

by | May 05, 2021 | 22:01

This is indeed something to consider and we wish personal risk assessments played a broader role in the COVID-19 conversation, including in how restrictions are devised. So far, the government has invested in up to 76 million doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine. "And so individuals need to have an informed choice to be vaccinated with the first vaccine that's available or to wait for an mRNA vaccine".

by | May 05, 2021 | 20:11

On Monday, the authorities said they will ramp up the vaccination campaign by importing more vaccines before June amid concerns over a tight supply, which caused the nationwide rollout to lag. Since the start of the pandemic, about 20% of all Covid-19 cases in Canada were recorded in people under the age of 19. More than a third of Canadians have received at least one dose of a COVID-19 vaccine, and Canada is on track to receive at least 10 million vaccines this month alone.

by | May 04, 2021 | 02:33

The statement said that the former partners would continue to "work together" at the Foundation and that both still believe in the mission. Bill and Melinda Gates announced Monday that they are divorcing. Bill Gates is considered one of the richest people in the world, now occupying the fourth position in the Forbes' list, with an estimated net worth of $124 billion.

by | May 01, 2021 | 12:09

Registration for the new eligible population groups commenced today from 4 pm. Many people may have a bit of pain and swelling in the area of the arm where they received the shot. News is coming in that the CoWIN app has crashed as soon as the registration began. "Registration is happening on ". For the goal of crowd control, registering on the CoWIN portal and making an appointment to get a vaccine will be mandatory for those aged between 18 and 45 years.

by | April 25, 2021 | 02:12

Despite decades of pressure from the U.S. Armenian community, successive presidents have skirted the genocide controversy due to worries about a rupture with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ally Turkey, which has steadfastly rejected the assertion.

by | April 23, 2021 | 20:31

Investigations are still under way but it's believed a legal explosive called Tannerite was used, which is "an over-the-counter, explosive target used for firearms practice [and] sold in kit form", and that the family had permission to be on the property.

by | April 21, 2021 | 01:29

Navalny was arrested in January upon his return from Germany, where he had spent five months convalescing from the Novichok nerve agent poisoning he blames on the Kremlin - an accusation Russian officials have rejected. "The state of health of those convicted and jailed on Russian territory can not and should not be a theme of their interest", spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

by | April 21, 2021 | 00:12

Navalny began a hunger strike to protest the refusal to let his doctors visit when he began experiencing severe back pain and a loss of feeling in his legs. "The state of health of those convicted and jailed on Russian territory can not and should not be a theme of their interest", spokesman Dmitry Peskov said.

by | April 20, 2021 | 01:04

Non-essential construction will cease, all outdoor recreation areas such as golf courses, soccer fields, and playgrounds will be closed. Big box stores are required to limit capacity to 25 per cent. Andrew Fletcher, chief of the South Simcoe Police Service, said officers would only act on complaints. "Those that refuse to comply will receive the appropriate penalty".

by | April 18, 2021 | 09:12

The US is preparing for the possibility booster shots will be needed from between 9 months to a year of the first vaccine. "We are studying the durability of the antibody response", he said. "That's the hope. That it'll last more than a year and it won't be a lifelong vaccine by any means. But it's hard to say with this initial vaccine". "A likely scenario is that there will be likely a need for a third dose somewhere between six and 12 months, and then from there, there will be an ...

by | April 18, 2021 | 01:59

In addition, police officers, special constables and First Nation Constables will have the authority to stop vehicles to inquire about an individual's reasons for leaving their home. Friday's announcement didn't mention paid leave. "We see this modelling as a reminder of just how important vaccines are in this fight". We need more time to continue vaccinating priority populations.

by | April 18, 2021 | 02:14

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Chief Randal Taylor praised his officers and the first responders as heroes. The Indianapolis police shooting is the latest in a series of mass shootings plaguing the US. 'As you all know IN is very specific IN how positive identification can be done - which is identification by a family member, dental, DNA and fingerprints - and so adhering to all of those measures, we must make sure that people that are identified on the scene are accurately and ...

by | April 17, 2021 | 10:00

U.S. President Joe Biden will host Japanese Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide at the White House on Friday - the first foreign leader visit for a Presidency that began at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. He met earlier with Vice President Kamala Harris. Masashi Adachi, a special advisor to Suga, told reporters that the agreement was more about joint development than fresh funding, pointing to several projects underway in Japan on 5G development.

by | April 17, 2021 | 09:20

Police say Mr Wright was pulled over for expired tags on Sunday, but they sought to arrest him after discovering he had an outstanding warrant. Minnesota District Judge Paul R. In trying to win a second-degree manslaughter verdict, prosecutors must show that Potter was culpably negligent and took an "unreasonable risk" in shooting Wright.

by | April 17, 2021 | 02:01

Also on the list were Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines, Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons Michael Carvajal, Donald Trump's National Security Advisor John Bolton and ex-head of the CIA Robert Woolsey.

by | April 16, 2021 | 17:35

Floyd had been arrested on suspicion of passing a counterfeit $20 note at a neighbourhood market. Prosecutors say Floyd died because the officer's knee was pressed against Floyd's neck or close to it for 9 1/2 minutes as he lay on the pavement on his stomach, his hands cuffed behind him and his face jammed against the ground.

by | April 16, 2021 | 13:04

Cook said officers located eight deceased victims inside the building, plus the alleged gunman who is believed to have died by suicide. "I am communicating with local authorities to get all details of the attack and my office stands ready to help everyone affected in any way we can".

by | April 15, 2021 | 03:25

In a press conference on Tuesday, San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Ian Parkinson said investigators discovered evidence in late 2016 confirming the younger Flores as the suspect. "Our Cal Poly and Central Coast communities have watched the case of Kristen Smart's disappearance closely and hoped for justice for Kristin and resolution for the family for years", Armstrong said.

by | April 14, 2021 | 00:51

State authorities have identified the officer who killed Wright as Kimberly Potter , a 26-year police veteran who has served as the police union president for the department. "Taser! Taser!" but then instead fires a gun at the victim. Shortly before 9:00 pm local time (12pm AEST Tuesday), almost two hours after the curfew went into effect, dozens of protesters continued to wave signs and chant slogans in front of the police station in Brooklyn Center, where Sunday's killing occurred.

by | April 14, 2021 | 01:26

Biden's plan will, however, run afoul of a US-Taliban agreement brokered under former President Donald Trump that called for the full US exit to be completed no later than May 1. The US, the official said, will coordinate with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies and partners about a drawdown of their forces in the same timeframe beginning before May one ending before the 20th anniversary of September 11.

by | April 13, 2021 | 20:08

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday Russia had moved two armies and three paratrooper units to near its western borders in the last three weeks, responding to what it called threatening military action by North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

by | April 12, 2021 | 03:03

LAPD Lt. Raul Jovel told the Associated Press Carrillo was gone when the children's grandmother came home from work and found their bodies in the apartment. Raul Jovel said. Liliana Carrillo , 30, was arrested Saturday in Tulare County after fleeing the scene and leading law enforcement officers on a long-distance chase in which she allegedly carjacked a pickup truck in Bakersfield, authorities said.

by | April 10, 2021 | 01:28

Along with the contentious idea of expanding the court, reform advocates have recently pushed for term limits for the justices. The Supreme Court is about to go under the microscope. ".The makeup of this commission which was vital for the President, there are progressives on the court, there are conservatives on the court". Trump nominated Barrett days after Ginsburg's death, and weeks before the November election - an election Trump lost to Biden.

by | April 09, 2021 | 19:54

Prince Philip died on the sixteenth wedding anniversary of his son Prince Charles and Princess Camilla. "We remember the duke. above all for his steadfast support for Her Majesty the Queen , not just as her consort, by her side, every day of her reign, but as her husband, her strength and stay of more than 70 years", Johnson said .

by | April 08, 2021 | 10:48

The more contagious variants of the novel coronavirus are driving the growth in active cases provincewide, as variants represent 43.2 per cent of Alberta's 11,464 active cases. There was an increase of 21,428 doses from the previous day. "These mandatory new health measures will only be needed for a short while as we vaccinate Albertans as quickly as possible".

by | April 06, 2021 | 01:36

At the same time, the king's tough reaction - placing his popular half-brother under house arrest and accusing him of serious crimes - illustrated the limits on public dissent he is willing to tolerate. It is unclear why the kingdom chose to crack down on Prince Hamzah now, but he put himself at risk by making frequent visits to tribal gatherings where some people criticised the king.

by | April 05, 2021 | 03:08

Since then, the timeline for giving all such priority groups their first dose had been extended multiple times and was finally fixed at February 25 for healthcare workers and March 6 for other frontline workers, he added. Almost 4 million people in NY are fully vaccinated against Covid-19, according to Gov. Andrew Cuomo's office. Minister Bharat Bhushan Ashu said that under the "Vaccine at Doorsteps" initiative, there is no need to go and stand in the queue at the vaccination centre as now ...

by | April 05, 2021 | 01:23

Jordan's Crown Prince Hamza bin Hussein delivers a speech to Muslim clerics and scholars at the opening ceremony of a religious conference at the Islamic Al al-Bayet University in Amman, Jordan August 21, 2004. 'No-one is above the law and Jordan's security and stability are above all, ' he told the official Petra news agency. Petra did not offer additional details on the arrests, saying that an investigation is underway.

by | April 04, 2021 | 00:39

The officer who was killed today is the second to die in the line of duty this year. The U.S. Capitol Police (USCP) said in a tweet shortly before 1:30 p.m. "Officer Evans had been a member of the United States Capitol Police for 18 years". Pittman said the suspect did not appear to have been on police radar.