Brazilian Grand Prix: Record-Breaking Lewis Hamilton Claims Mercedes' 100th Pole Position

Brazilian Grand Prix: Record-Breaking Lewis Hamilton Claims Mercedes' 100th Pole Position

The post-race altercation took place in the FIA's weighing room and saw Verstappen shove Ocon three times as the pair exchanged words.

"And they said, "Well our exhaust is just about to fail and we're overshooting all the temperature limits".

"I was two laps behind Max", he said.

Red Bull did not have the requisite pace on the soft tyres in Qualifying 2 and will start the race on the quicker super-soft tyres, mirroring the Mercedes AMG Petronas Motorsport duo but contrasting both Scuderia Ferrari cars.

Formula One champion Lewis Hamilton saw victory fall into his lap at the Brazilian Grand Prix as his Mercedes team clinched the constructors' title for the fifth year in a row. Verstappen was on track to win the race before Ocon, a backmarker, collided with him and allowed Lewis Hamilton to seize victory.

Ocon was a lap down and trying to unlap himself, an unnecessary risk against the race leader who was in front through the corner.

Claiming a race win looked like being too much of an ask as Verstappen impressed again in Brazil.

"The Stewards held a hearing, in which both drivers acted appropriately and cooperated with the Stewards".

Ocon said he had history with Verstappen from their days as F3 rivals and he was not planning to speak through the incident with him.

He did make up the gap to Hamilton and came back to 1.5 seconds but ran out of laps to overtake him.

"We all know to keep our space by that point so it was generally quite a disrespectful move in the sense of where it was unsafe between us both because I was not expecting it to happen that way, and so I was actually trying to get out of his way but he ended up going inside but then he got to the corner and then slowed up to utilise the gap but then also I don't know whether to slow my lap up or not".

Red Bull boss Christian Horner was less suspicious of the incident and instead simply questioned what Ocon's logic had been.

"It's clear that as a lapped vehicle you shouldn't interfere with the leader", Horner said. "Esteban was lucky to get away with a push to be honest". "What was Ocon thinking of there, it beggars belief". Hugely frustrating for him and everyone at the team.

The Finn, from third, swept past Vettel to take second behind Hamilton, giving Mercedes an early one-two, but with Verstappen preparing a storm from fifth and Ricciardo from 11th. The record book will show only the victory and one that maintains an extraordinary record that illustrates his dominance for half a decade.

"These guys have worked so hard in the last six years been an incredible journey with them", Hamilton, who won the drivers' title at the last round in Mexico, said.

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