Kate Middleton Launches New Helpline at Family Action!

Kate Middleton Launches New Helpline at Family Action!

Truth. Prince George, 5, Princess Charlotte, 3, and Prince Louis, 8 months, may be adorable, but the 37-year-old Duchess of Cambridge is probably exhausted just like you. Even though Prince William seems like a pretty hands-on dad, Middleton had to endure the pregnancies, which meant looking after her other children while pregnant or recovering from labour.

The new service, created to provide support to parents in need, made the Duchess of Cambridge reflect on her own personal experience as a mother.

"You get a lot of support with the baby as a mother particularly in the early days but after the age of one it falls away", the 37-year-old said, according to The Daily Mail.

"Everybody experiences the same struggle".

You'll realize it's the only shade worth debating after you see the newest photos of Kate Middleton arriving for her royal appearance on Tuesday morning at Family Action Lewisham in South London.

She told them: "You all do an unbelievable job. However, at times it has also been a huge challenge - even for me who has support at home that most mothers do not".

The campaign highlights the hidden "monsters" that many families face, such as debt, addiction, lack of time together, relationship issues and mental health issues.

Kate has set up a steering group of experts which meets monthly, and her visit was hosted by David Holmes, chief executive of Family Action, who is a member of the project.

Family Action, which celebrates its 150th anniversary in 2019, works to tackle some of the most complex and hard issues facing families today through their helpline service "FamilyLine".

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