Lunar eclipse will not be visible in India; here's where to watch

Lunar eclipse will not be visible in India; here's where to watch

"This total lunar eclipse will be entirely seen in Irish skies from start to finish so we are recommending everyone take a day off work or school and watch this awesome spectacle of nature when the brilliant full moon turns to a dim "blood moon" for 62 minutes". A cold but clear winter night across Canada gave witnesses an ideal view of the blood-coloured moon.

CNN's George Engels shared images of the lunar eclipse taken by his father William on an iPhone between 2.25 and 2.40 am from La Carolina, 12 miles west of Maldonado, Uruguay.

"So this is a really good one to catch as it's going to be a long time before you catch another one like this, we will have other lunar eclipses, we just won't have anything quite as spectacular until May 2021".

A super blood wolf moon occurs when the Earth passes precisely between the Sun and the Moon.

Earth cast two shadows on the moon during the eclipse. February's full moon is traditionally known as the Snow Moon, so brace yourself for the #SuperSnowMoon hashtag.

This turns the moon a bright red, so lunar eclipses are often called blood moons.

The moon during the January 21, 2019 total lunar eclipse over the skyline of Frankfurt.

Lowestoft Harbour this morning, before it was given a reddish glow by the "super blood wolf moon".

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