Pakistani-American chef Fatima Ali passes away after a battle with cancer

Pakistani-American chef Fatima Ali passes away after a battle with cancer

Just last week, Kalman and other "Top Chef" alumni gathered in Los Angeles to offer comfort to Ali in what would be her final days.

"We are deeply saddened to share the news that Fatima Ali has lost her courageous battle with cancer", Bravo said Friday in a statement.

Ali was diagnosed with bone and soft-tissue Ewing's sarcoma in 2017, and she was open about how the experience affected her. After undergoing chemotherapy treatments and having a tumor on her shoulder removed via surgery, Ali initially revealed that she was cancer-free the following February. Unfortunately, about 10 months later, Ali revealed a new diagnosis that her cancer had returned.

"Thankful my kids got to meet them yesterday to see how amusing and comfortable we are with each other". Alongside a snapshot of herself in the hospital, the celebrity chef told her followers, "Right now all I need are prayers; prayers that are simple".

Ali came in seventh place during her season of the cooking competition show, but she was voted fan-favorite at the end of the season. The star wrote on his social media account that it was "with a heavy heart we say goodbye to Fatima Ali".

"I thank you a million times over for when you have given me joy", she told her fans.

Chef Fatima Ali has died.

In her "Note to Self" essay, Ali wrote to "wear your chains with grace". "I know I'll be different, and, despite the worry that settles into me every time I wake up, I look forward to meeting that woman one day".

"I wish they were under better circumstances that we were together but when one hurts we all hurt and we rally", Wilkins wrote.

"We've learned a great deal over the course of her illness, not only pragmatic lessons we wish we hadn't needed to learn about her disease and our health system, but about the huge love of which people are capable; about the power of being true to yourself; about how we can be better if we model ourselves after someone like her", they wrote.

Last week, her fellow Bravo contestants reunited to support her.

Bravely looking death in the eye, Fatima had also appeared on the Ellen DeGeneres show in November, where she expressed her desire of travelling the world to dine in and eat at her favourite places globally.

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