Saudi sisters killed themselves, says medical examiner

Saudi sisters killed themselves, says medical examiner

22, that Rotana Farea, 22, and her sister Tala, 16, had killed themselves, and the cause of death was drowning. They traveled to New York City and stayed in high-end hotels, eventually maxing out the older sister's credit card.

The sisters' fully clothed bodies washed up on the bank of the Hudson River in October 2018.

A pair of immigrant sisters from Saudi Arabia, whose bodies were found near the Hudson River in New York City previous year, killed themselves, medical officials said Tuesday.

Rotana Farea, 22, and her sister Tala Farea, 16, drowned in the river after they bound each other together and leaped off the George Washington Bridge on October 24, according to the city Medical Examiner's Office.

Police said the sisters had reported they were the subjects of abuse, and in December of 2017, they were placed in a domestic violence-type shelter in Virginia. He said detectives were informed the sisters expressed a desire to "inflict harm on themselves, commit suicide" rather than return to Saudi Arabia after they had been in the United States about three years, according to the station.

On Aug. 24, police officers said, the girls traveled to New York City, arriving on September 1.

The sisters moved to the USA from Saudi Arabia with their mother and two brothers in 2015.

The two women appeared to be in good health on security video police located from about a week before their bodies were found.

A witness told police he saw them praying near the river before their bodies were found October 24.

The mother of the two sisters told detectives that the day before the bodies were discovered, she received a call from an official at the Saudi Arabian Embassy, ordering the family to leave the US because her daughters had applied for asylum.

"It is entirely credible that the girls entered the water alive", Shea also said, later saying that the tape was "not binding them tight together - more like keeping them together".

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