Troy Aikman Getting Crushed For Comment During Rams-Saints

Troy Aikman Getting Crushed For Comment During Rams-Saints

After taking a peak at the lookahead lines for the four potential Super Bowl matchups, I had a feeling I wouldn't be betting on a side, no matter the matchup.

New Orleans never trailed until the game ended.

The Saints were left to stomach a last-gap elimination from the playoffs for the second season in a row, after a last-second loss to the Minnesota Vikings just over a year ago. That game kicks at 5:30 from Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo. Behind precocious QB Patrick Mahomes, the Chiefs rallied from a scoreless, nearly yard-less first half to take a couple of leads in the fourth quarter, fall back, then tie at 31 with a field goal off a drive that began with less than a minute remaining.

An argument often is made, and rightly so, that plays seen in slow motion become clearly illegal, but at full speed in an increasingly fast and physical game, they look OK. "It was so loud, and we had some communication issues from the start, and we dealt with some big-time adversity, and it kind of personifies what type of team this has been, really, throughout the course of the year". But recent history tells us the people who might make the biggest impact on Super Bowl LIII won't be wearing the Rams' sweet blue-and-yellow throwbacks or sporting the "Elvis" decal anywhere on their bodies.

Speaking of fixing rules. you perhaps have heard what happened to the Saints.

New Orleans Saints' Josh Hill is hit by Los Angeles Rams' Dante Fowler during the first half of the NFC championship game Sunday in New Orleans.

The pain they're feeling in Louisiana is about a missed pass interference call. Next weekend, we'll hear about Robey-Coleman being fined for the collision - even though, incredibly, no flag was thrown. "It is what it is". When the game was tied in regulation, forcing overtime, he knew he had a chance to nail the final score prediction.

Per a 2016 USA TODAY report, 50 challenges disputing pass interference occurred in 69 CFL games, and in just 18 instances was the decision overturned.

If Gurley is on his game and Los Angeles can get going on the ground early (throwing in some C.J. Anderson touches, too), then it could go a long way toward keeping the ball out of the hands of Brady and his offensive weapons.

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