US Peace Plan Would Give Palestinians Most of West Bank

US Peace Plan Would Give Palestinians Most of West Bank

When Trump appointed David Friedman, a financial supporter of the settlement enterprise, as his ambassador to Israel in the very first weeks of his presidency, he signaled to Netanyahu that what was once an Israeli policy of "creeping annexation" could be elevated to a shameless and unembarrassed mission to formalize its theft of Palestinian land, and in doing so put an end to the possibility of an independent Palestinian state.

The report is based on information received during a briefing in Washington by "a senior American" official.

He lived in the United States for 12 years. Although Israel would retain control over holy sites in the Old City of Jerusalem - which is located in the eastern portion of the city - the Jordanians and Palestinians would participate in custody of the sites.

Israeli television said Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump's Middle East peace plan would propose a Palestinian state on as much as 90 percent of the illegally occupied West Bank, with a capital in East Jerusalem, but not including its holy sites.

The outlet noted that the United States administration planned to roll out the paper several weeks ago but chose to put the move off until after the Israeli parliamentary elections, scheduled for 9 April.

"Palestinians [in the occupied West Bank] are subject to frequent escalation campaigns by the Israeli occupation authorities, attacks by settlers and land seizures", read a statement released by the Saudi cabinet and carried by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

The plan would be for Israel to keep its settlements, though no longer expanding isolated outposts.

55-year-old Issam Akel former hospital clerk from East Jerusalem has been detained for several months after being arrested in October at a time when the Palestinian Authority (PA) made a decision to crack down on land sales to Jews.

He said attempts to find parties willing to cooperate with such plans "will face a deadlock because the only address for peace is the Palestinian leadership".

Meanwhile, the White House dismissed the Israeli news report about the proposal as mere speculation. Specific aspects of the plan - if the partial release reported is accurate - will no doubt be rejected by large elements of both Israeli and Palestinian populations.

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