Hours-old baby girl abandoned with her umbilical cord still attached

Hours-old baby girl abandoned with her umbilical cord still attached

An investigation has been launched to find out who abandoned the newborn baby.

A witness said he had encountered a woman with a baby just minutes before the infant was found who had begged him to take the child, U.S. outlet ABC News reported.

He said he thought it was a small animal and approached it slowly.

A newspaper delivery man has described the "awful" moment he found an hours-old baby with its umbilical cord still attached in the middle of a California road in the early hours of Monday morning.

The woman invited Fuentes and the baby into her heated auto, where the two chose to unzip its soiled flannel onesie.

A newspaper carrier discovered the infant lying in the middle of a Madera County road just after 4 a.m., according to a news release from the CHP's Central Division Office.

"She got out of her auto and asked the man if he could help her", said Pogue.

The newborn, who was only hours old, was rushed to Valley Children's Hospital and is now being treated at the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. "This female got out of her auto, asked the man if he could help her and asked him to take her child", Madera County Undersheriff Tyson Pogue told reporters Monday.

Authorities eventually arrived and took the baby in for treatment.

Drop-off points include designated fire stations and hospitals.

Now authorities are on the hunt for the baby's mother. "She was cold but was found soon enough, likely in only a matter of minutes, and is expected to make a full recovery".

The newspaper carrier discovered the baby a short time later and brought her into a vehicle to keep her warm.

She was said to have been driving a white SUV but details of her physical description are "unknown".

California Safe Surrendered Baby law lets parents turn their babies over to police within 72 hours of the child's birth with no questions asked.

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