Missouri Baseball, Softball Banned From Postseason In 2018-19 Following NCAA Investigation

Missouri Baseball, Softball Banned From Postseason In 2018-19 Following NCAA Investigation

The football team will be ineligible to play in a bowl game in 2019 if the ruling stands.

Bryant could transfer and play immediately at the FBS level due to the postseason ban levied against Missouri as long as the NCAA allows it, which is something that the Committee on Infractions recommended to the NCAA on Thursday. He likely chose Mizzou with the belief that the Tigers would be eligible to participate in a bowl game, so many fans reasonably expected Bryant to reconsider his Missouri transfer. As David Roberts, NCAA Committee on Infractions panel chief officer, said, 'Missouri did the right thing.' I now expect the NCAA to do the right thing.

Missouri athletic director Jim Sterk sent a letter to Kumar previous year that indicated her claims of academic fraud made in 2016 were true.

The University of Missouri football, baseball, and softball programs have all been hit with sanctions following an NCAA investigation. In the findings, the NCAA determined that the former tutor violated violated NCAA ethical conduct, academic misconduct and academic extra benefits rules by assisting 12 former student-athletes with coursework. The NCAA's investigation concluded that "an athletics department tutor completed and provided Missouri student-athletes with academic work".

In its report on Mizzou, the NCAA drew a distinction from a case involving "paper courses" taken by athletes at North Carolina.

Recruiting restrictions for all three programs for 2019-20, including a seven-week ban on unofficial visits, a 12.5 percent reduction in official visits, a seven-week ban on recruiting communication, a seven-week ban on off-campus recruiting contact and evaluation and a 12.5 percent reduction in recruiting person or evaluation days.

The school began investigating after Kumar announced on social media that she had committed academic fraud. The tutor received a 10-year show-cause order, and if she returns to working as a collegiate academic tutor, the school that employs her must restrict her from "athletically related duties".

"Simply put, 12 student-athletes did not complete their own work", the committee said.

Then came Thursday's report from the NCAA's infractions committee.

For most of the MU athletes involved, Kumar completed online coursework, including assignments, quizzes and exams. I strongly encourage the NCAA to take another look at this case and not punish today's upstanding Mizzou athletes because of isolated violations that occurred years ago.

The entire situation is going to be a hard one for Missouri to navigate and given that this directly and indirectly impacts the athletic department's finances, there's really not much to be happy about here.

Tacked onto that, if the appeal isn't successful, is a 1 percent deduction from the football, softball and baseball program's budgets. "We will move forward living up to our frequently stated ideal of "Win it Right" and vigorously defend this unjust penalty".

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