Scalebound Reportedly Returning as a Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Scalebound Reportedly Returning as a Nintendo Switch Exclusive

Fans will remember Scalebound as one of those promising titles revealed during E3 in 2014.

As transcribed by Nintendo Everything, Khan said the following: "There's a game that's thought to be dead that Nintendo's reviving, and it's not one that people would expect". A year later, however, something happened.

Also freshly released are the NPD figures for the top 20 best-selling games in January 2019 in the US. And when it does get released, it won't be an Xbox exclusive anymore. While there has been no official announcement or comment from Nintendo, Seedhouse stated that he had confidence in his sources that this was the case.

Maybe it is true ‍♀️.

And that's what Scalebound was: officially canceled. Unfortunately, the company allowed the trademark to expire, as they didn't know what to do with it since the game was canceled. Which canned title would you like to see revived by Nintendo?

In the original concept for Scalebound, you were to play as Drew, who, while exploring the unsafe world of Draconis, is bonded to the fearsome and noble dragon, Thuban - the last of his kind. Fate brings them together as they must fight the evil forces which plague the land of Draconis.

I was told Scalebound would still come out (just not as an Xbox exclusive) by someone I consider fairly credible all the way back in JUNE past year, but didn't believe them. There's already a VR Mario Kart game in arcades - could that be a sign of more to come?

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