Smaller Nintendo Switch handheld reportedly in the works

Smaller Nintendo Switch handheld reportedly in the works

Nintendo has announced a new partnership with LINE to produce new mobile games, and the first of these will be Dr. Mario World.

South Korean developer, publisher, and distributor, NHN Entertainment, has partnered with Nintendo to create the title, that's due for a global release this summer.

Those of you who grew up with an NES will probably remember Dr. Mario.

Nintendo was once fiercely against releasing mobile games, but as fate would have it, this would prove a somewhat successful and lucrative endeavor for the company.

Beyond a logo and release window announced past year, Nintendo has not yet provided any further details about the Mario Kart Tour. It'll be out worldwide in "early summer 2019" internationally, or the Australian winter.

Nintendo has released its Earnings Report for the nine-month fiscal period that ended on December 31, 2018. However, the company surprised many when it announced plans to bring Super Mario Run to the iPhone in 2016.

In terms of games, Nintendo promises something coming in the 2019 that'll please fans, and another that is a "nice fit" for the Switch's new Online Service.

That delay means Nintendo will miss its target of releasing two to three mobile titles each financial year, though CEO Furukawa said there was no change to that goal. That list includes Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (15.02m), Super Mario Odyssey (13.76m), Super Smash Bros.

Say what you want about Nintendo's newfound focus on mobile gaming, it looks as though the company is treading lightly in the divisive market.

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