Tatum Captures Skills Challenge Trophy via Half-Court Heave

Tatum Captures Skills Challenge Trophy via Half-Court Heave

Tatum said he didn't take the rumors personally.

With the NBA featuring more on-the-ball talent up and down lineups than ever before, the 2019 NBA Skills Challenge on Saturday night figures to be an entertaining event. "I try to block out outside noise as much as possible". The first player to make the top-of-the-key 3-pointer wins. "I didn't want to go out there and be too cool". Tatum fell behind his opponent as the pair made their way through the first three stages of the obstacle course, which consisted of dribbling around five stationary defenders, delivering a chest pass through a sideways hoop located on one of the baselines, and then dribbling to the other end of the court for a lay-up.

Tatum defeated Memphis' Mike Conley in the first round, then topped Denver's Nikola Jokic in the semifinals. Young is quick, has a lightning-fast release on his shot and is an innovative passer, but this is an event that has gotten away from true point guards in recent years. "I honestly didn't know I was going to hit the shot, but I had to give myself a chance, throw it up there, and it worked out for the best".

Now, he has zeroed in on the NBA All-Star Weekend and Saturday's Skills Challenge.

"We're going to win the finals this year", Tatum said Saturday, via National Basketball Association on ESPN. "I played well yesterday. Once he gets past that, I think he'll be fine".

"This season, you're scratching and itching to get back to that moment because you don't want to have the same feeling we had previous year", he added. We won our last two. "So I'm just excited to get back and get ready for the playoffs".

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