Trudeau government in crisis after Canada minister's resignation

Trudeau government in crisis after Canada minister's resignation

The former minister thanks all Canadians, but she does not specifically thank Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, whose office is accused of pressuring her to abandon the prosecution of a case against SNC-Lavalin.

But today's news made it even messier as Jody Wilson-Raybould, the former attorney general who has been at the the centre of this developing controversy, announced she was resigning from her cabinet position as Veteran's Affair's minister and, perhaps more ominously, that she's lawyering up.

"I think that Liberal MPs like most Canadians want to make sure the country is comfortable in knowing that what the prime minister has said is true..."

She said she was in the process of obtaining advice on what she she was legally permitted to discuss.

First, the prime minister said he didn't direct Wilson-Raybould to do anything untoward.

"First Nations people appreciate what Jody Wilson-Raybould has done, taking a stand on principle", she said.

Citing unnamed sources, the Globe and Mail has reported that officials in the prime minister's office transferred that pressure past year to then-attorney general Wilson-Raybould. Federal ethics commissioner Mario Dion launched an examination Monday into the allegations of political interference after receiving a complaint from the NDP.

At an appearance in Winnipeg late Tuesday afternoon, Trudeau said the government did its job on the SNC-Lavalin file and if anyone in the cabinet thought anything improper had happened, they had a duty to raise it with him at the time.

According to the Globe, the federal director of public prosecutions refused to enter negotiations about a remediation agreement with SNC-Lavalin in October.

Does that mean the Liberals will allow the committee to hear from Wilson-Raybould? He said Wilson-Raybould never spoke to him.

As it's written the motion indicates the study would start before the end of the month, and would include testimony from: Justice Minister David Lametti; Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Gerald Butts; Senior Advisors Elder Marques and Mathieu Bouchard; and Wilson-Raybould's chief of staff Jessica Prince.

But it would have saved us all a lot of trouble if, having found herself at odds with the head of government over this important matter of public policy, she had taken the logical step and resigned from cabinet immediately.

She will remain a Liberal MP representing the British Columbia riding of Vancouver Granville.

Wilson-Raybould's resignation could not possibly be unfolding in a manner more damaging to the election-year aspirations of Justin Trudeau, whose ways, in recent days, seem to have taken a deliberate turn from sunny to murky.

The Liberals were already unlikely to win the Burnaby-South byelection coming February 25 after their candidate Karen Wang quit the race after making controversial remarks about the race of her opponent, Jagmeet Singh, he noted.

Conservative Leader Albert Scheer has led the charge to haul Trudeau's aides and top members of his party in front of an emergency meeting of the justice committee for what he calls "unprecedented" attempts at influencing a criminal proceeding.

Housefather said that there has been no pressure from above to the Liberals on the committee.

He said he's "concerned about the many unanswered questions" surrounding Wilson-Raybould's resignation and added that this is "echoed by many First Nations across the country".

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