Woman who joined Islamic State can not return to U.S., Pompeo says

Woman who joined Islamic State can not return to U.S., Pompeo says

Muthana gave the interview from a refugee camp in northern Syria, where she's been since fleeing the last ISIS stronghold a few weeks ago.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday that the diplomatic status of the father of an Alabama woman who joined the Islamic State group means she is not a U.S. citizen.

A young woman born in the United States who joined the Islamic State four years ago does not qualify for citizenship and has no legal basis to return to the country, the USA secretary of state announced today.

It also comes as the USA has urged allies to back citizens who joined IS but are now in the custody of the American-backed forces fighting the remnants of the brutally extremist group that once controlled a vast area spanning parts of Syria and Iraq.

"I am definitely planning, definitely wanting people to not make the same decision that I've made", she told the outlet.

"This is a woman who inflicted enormous risk on American soldiers, on American citizens.

The constitution says people born in the United States and "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" are USA citizens, but they're saying she wasn't subject to the jurisdiction thereof because her father was a diplomat, but at the time of her birth her father was not a diplomat, and we have all the necessary paperwork and documents to prove that", he told MEE.

"'I don't have words for how much regret I have, ' said Ms. Polman, who was born into a Reformed Mennonite community in Hamilton, Ontario, to an American mother and Canadian father and who has three adult children". "We continue to strongly advise all USA citizens not to travel to Syria".

In this file photo taken on February 22, 2015, Renu Begum, eldest sister of British Islamic State member Shamima Begum, holds a picture of her sister while being interviewed by the media in central London.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on the cyber threat from China, concerns over Iran's threat to stability in the Middle East, "ISIS bride" Hoda Muthana, the decision to pull troops out of Syria and nuclear talks with North Korea.

Read the full report at Fox News. After he died, she married a Tunisian fighter and had her son Adam.

With her 18-month-old son balanced on her lap, she said she had given up the extremist "ideology" that convinced her to leave her family and that she wanted to be welcomed home by the American people.

She is joined there by another woman, Kimberly Gwen Polman, 46, who had studied legal administration in Canada before joining the caliphate and who possesses dual United States and Canadian citizenship.

Pompeo says Hoda Muthana does not have a USA passport or any legal basis to enter the country. She later married two other fighters, according to the Guardian; her second husband, the father of her son, was killed in Mosul.

Her father, according to the lawyer, was not a diplomat at the time.

But Muthana's attorney has argued Pompeo is wrong, and accused the Trump administration of misinterpreting citizenship laws. "I thought that I understood my religious beliefs, and I thought I had good friends, I stopped listening to my family and those who care about me and that was a big mistake". "She's very resentful to them for having misguided her and having brainwashed her and manipulated her and really destroying her life", Mr Shibly said. "I didn't get any of that", she said.

She added that she hopes Americans will "excuse me because of how young and ignorant I was".

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