Young Labour criticised for Twitter response to Joan Ryan's resignation from party

Young Labour criticised for Twitter response to Joan Ryan's resignation from party

This pitch for the Remain ground makes some sense electorally, but will surely restrict the group's size by putting off potential Labour defectors such as John Mann and Ian Austin, who are anti-Corbyn but pro-Brexit. "No previous Labour leader would have allowed this huge shame to befall the party".

"I believe we did the right thing in the Coalition government in particular", she said in response to a question asking if she regretted austerity and welfare reforms, adding that she thought the Coalition did "a marvellous job".

The tweet, now deleted, stated: "Jewish people with any sense of humanity need to start speaking out publicly against the ruthless murdering being carried out by Israel", Sky News reported.

Jeremy Corbyn has spoken of his "regret" after seven MPs quit the party citing his approach to Brexit and the handling of anti-Semitism within Labour.

"I'm not leaving the Conservative Party; it's left us", Soubry said at a press conference flanked by her colleagues following the announcement of their decision, arguing its "anti-EU wing" was now setting the agenda.

The breakaway MPs reportedly hope to attract more dissatisfied pro-Europeans from both the Labour and Conservative parties and form a new centrist party.

"Let's change it", said Chuka Umunna, one of the lawmakers.

Many Labour lawmakers are unhappy with the party's direction under Corbyn, a veteran socialist who took charge in 2015 with strong grassroots backing. If you do that British politics is going to be shaken quite a bit if you get that through - I'm willing to extend confidence and supply to your government so it doesn't fall over through the period of the referendum.

Seven MPs broke with the opposition party on Monday in the biggest split in British politics since 1981.

The group of 11 newly independent lawmakers has no policy platform, political organization or leader, and it will operate in an electoral system that makes it nearly impossible for new parties to break through.

Three Conservative MPs have quit the party to join an independent group in the British parliament.

And by the way, the PM can trust The Independence Group to keep her in office.

Soubry said this "purple movement" - blending the colours of "two broken parties", red Labour and blue Conservative - would likely attract more converts and may someday become its own political party rather than a voting bloc.

Theresa May is trying to "blackmail" MPs into backing her Brexit deal by running down the clock to prevent alternative plans being considered, Jeremy Corbyn claimed.

And he denied that the Conservative Party was being run by the hard line anti-EU awkward squad. I know all the Conservative associations of the county well and can confirm that they remain moderate broad churches where all are welcomed who subscribe to core Conservative values and principles. "We must give the British public the final say over the deal with the option of staying in the European Union".

A lifelong critic of the European Union, Corbyn has resisted pressure to support a second referendum on Brexit, to the fury of many of his lawmakers and activists.

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