Need a Reservation? Google Duplex Can Do It in 43 States

Need a Reservation? Google Duplex Can Do It in 43 States

You can see the full list of supported states by clicking the following link.

Google Duplex is created to help people book a table at a restaurant without actually talking to anyone.

According to The Verge, not all USA states allow for recording audio files without consent. If that doesn't work, Google Assistant will call a business to book an appointment.

While the Menlo Park-headquartered firm clarified that it will eventually disclose the identity of Duplex, some users pointed out that details about the artificial intelligence (AI) reservation system were unclear.

On the surface, Google Duplex looks so easy to use. Whether or not that has been the case with every single call made by Duplex is unknown, but Google seems confident. That said, Continued Conversation is available only to US residents who have their Assistant languages set to English (United States).

This Duplex feature is actually now rolling out to Pixel devices in 43 of the 50 United States.

Engadget reported that the automated voice-calling tech will now be available for Pixel phone owners.

To book a reservation, users must tell the Google Assistant where they would like to eat, when they want the table booked for, and how many people will be joining. The AI robot will go through the reservation procedures for the user. All you need is to wait for the notification of a successful booking either on your phone, in your email, or directly in your Google calendar even. However, Google's support page now says it's only on the Home Hub.

How Duplex will make restaurant reservations?

Until now, Google had limited Duplex to its own Pixel devices, and there hasn't been much talk of when it might appear on iPhones or other Android devices.

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