You Can Now Make Table Appointments Using Google Duplex on Your iPhone

You Can Now Make Table Appointments Using Google Duplex on Your iPhone

If you end up trying Google Duplex on your iPhone, drop a comment and let us know as to how the overall experience was for you. It will take only a minute and Google will handle the rest for you. However, over time, Google has expanded the feature to 43 USA states and it is now bringing it to more Android devices as well.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai introduced Duplex earlier this week in the company's annual developer's conference Google I/O and demonstrated how the AI system could book an appointment at a salon and a table at a restaurant. The extent to which Google's digital assistant sounded like a real human was unreal. However, Android Q Beta 1 changed things by limiting users to right to left to dismiss the alert. It will work with 'Reserve With Google' service, which includes a series of dining apps. Businesses can also choose to opt out of automated calls accordingly.

If the restaurant lacks any important information, the duplex assistant will update it, Google claims.

These new UI features appear in the same place as the little pointers that let you know if your device is now set to vibrate or that Airplane Mode is switched on - this is very much just an extension to this helpful section. I usually use Google Assistant because it has OpenTable integration and that makes it super easy to set up a reservation.

If this is the first time that you are reading about APK updates, then you don't need to worry about it because today we are going to show everyone a short guide on how to install this type of updates. Now, Motorola has announced the two companies are partnering to bring this Assistant-powered feature to the G7 and Android One family of devices.

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