Fortnite Fortbyte guide - here's how you get them

Fortnite Fortbyte guide - here's how you get them

Battle Royale is undoubtedly the most popular action-packed last man survival game which is widely available for nearly all types of Gaming consoles.

The combat shotgun is however the only new weapon added this season.

The Fortnite Battle Royale map has undergone another massive transformation for this new season turning it into a more sci-fi dystopian cyberpunk kind of landscape.

Otherwise, read on, we're going to explain how you can collect Fortbyte 36 (of 100) in Season 9.

You'll also find several bug fixes and improvements (full patch notes can be viewed here) as well as an intriguing addition called Fortbytes. Season 9 is all about the future, and that means sci-fi tech, robotic wings, and space suits all around. Check out the cinematic reveal trailer above, where the dark fate of banana man Peely is revealed.

Even the pets are getting a futuristic makeover in the Season 9 update.

The new season went live on thursday morning and is now available to players across the world! Collecting these items will piece together an image that hints at what's in store for Fortnite season 10.

Fortnite season 10 - When is Fortnite season 10 release date? The embedded tweet can be seen here. Once the servers were back, Epic tweeted the new season trailer. Perhaps the most immediately noticeable addition are Slipstreams, which can are new transportation system. The Pressure Plant has since supplanted the volcano from Season 8. Tilted Towers have become Neo Tilted ones and they are more exciting.

Like Season 8, Epic is trying to provide more unique and interesting ways of navigating the map (especially due to the controversy that the X-4 Stormwing caused). Just like with Neo Tilted, there's sure to be secret areas to uncover and a ton of great floor spawns to start your match.

Mega Mall is Retail Row's replacement and as the name suggests is just a very large mall complex.

Over the past three months, players have enjoyed a pirate theme in Fortnite.

Additionally, there are new Wind Tunnels introduced by the makers known as Slipstreams.

The new Slip Streams - which work a bit like Volcano Vents, or the tubes in Futurama - running around the outside of the area add a new dimension to proceedings, not only allow you to get around quickly or escape, but also glide onto a rooftop to gain an advantage. Yes, really you've got to go proper south-west, nearly off the grid entirely. These air bases are up at height and you have to struggle a lot to get there. It's an impressive beard, but perhaps not the most elegant look.

With a new season of "Fortnite" comes the Season 9 Battle Pass, which brings 100 tiers worth of challenges, boosts, and unlockable costumes, item decals, and other cosmetics.

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