Guidance counselors raised red flags in college admissions scandal

Guidance counselors raised red flags in college admissions scandal

Huffman agreed to plead guilty for "conspiracy to commit mail fraud and honest services mail fraud" in April. Reports noted that Huffman will not be sentenced for a few weeks, but she is expected to receive months in prisons for her involvement in the scandal.

"Desperate Housewives" actress Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty in Boston today to a federal conspiracy charge for paying $15,000 to have a proctor correct her daughter's answers on a college-entrance exam.

According to an investigator's affidavit filed in federal court in Boston, Huffman paid $15,000 to a sham charity controlled by admissions consultant William "Rick" Singer in exchange for help obtaining a fraudulent SAT score for her older daughter.

"My daughter knew absolutely nothing about my actions, and in my misguided and profoundly wrong way, I have betrayed her", the statement said. Meanwhile, Singer was paying Riddell to correct students' SAT exam answers at Singer's testing center in California.

Authorities have called it the biggest college admissions cheating scandal ever prosecuted in the USA, ensnaring Hollywood stars and business executives as well as coaches at such prestigious schools as Georgetown and Yale.

The Desperate Housewives actress appeared in court on Monday to officially plead guilty in the case.

Because she agreed to plead guilty, prosecutors said they would recommend four months in prison, but the judge could also choose not to put her behind bars at all.

Huffman has agreed not to appeal any prison decision up to 20 years.

Last month, Huffman released a formal statement apologizing for her actions and announcing her intentions to plead guilty, one of 13 parents involved in the alleged scam to do so; other parents, including Fuller House actress Lori Loughlin, submitted not guilty pleas.

Experts differ on whether Huffman's swift acceptance of responsibility will leave her with an acting career.

U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani asked Huffman if she was pleading guilty without any threats or pressure.

Sloane, who founded a drinking and wastewater systems company, bought water polo gear online and worked with a graphic designer to create a bogus photo of his son playing the sport for the teen's application, officials say.

Some parents have made a decision to fight the charges. He began working with authorities previous year and secretly recorded his conversations with Loughlin, Huffman and other parents in the hopes of getting a lenient sentence.

As Huffman made a decision to plead guilty, the United States Attorney calculated her "offense level" at 9, which had a sentencing guideline of 4-10 months, per the Department of Justice.

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