Taylor Swift’s new music video ME! breaks YouTube records

Taylor Swift’s new music video ME! breaks YouTube records

Taylor just released a behind-the-scenes video of Benjamin's adoption on set of the "ME!" video and it's honestly extremely heartwarming.

Swift, 29, had been teasing an announcement for days on social media with pastel images that turned out to be scenes from the new video.

"Is the kitten around?" she asks in the clip. In the video, you can see Ben (does he mind if I call him that?) purring and curling up in Swift's arms.

Kyle then made a decision to question Taylor about something that he thought was an Easter Egg in particular... Although, if you're not a cat person, Swift wants to have a word with you.

The video begins with Taylor wondering aloud if the kitten is on set. And that is her latest single, ME!. She said she took time off in the past to battle the moments she has felt low or exhausted. "Look how sweet he is!"

"ME!" features Brendon Urie, the lead singer of Panic! at the Disco, who at the video's start is fighting with Swift in a conversation in French. "He's an wonderful, unbelievable little animal".

"It's just really exciting that the fans are excited and I love my job and I'm having a really fun time doing this".

"That is actually really sweet....recorded in history forever", he said.

You can now listen to T-Swift's new single on Deezer.

"Oh my god. I love this little cat. That's what's happening", she says.

You have to admit that Taylor Swift knows how to get fans excited. Maybe not at first, but this is only because they are jealous.

Last week, in addition to releasing a new song and unveiling a new mural in Nashville, the pop star confirmed that she got a new cat, which she named Benjamin Button.

USA pop singer Taylor Swift released her comeback single, ME!

"And then there were three." she captioned an adorable selfie of the pair. "He's a good boy".

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