NBA Draft rumors: Celtics interested in trading up to No. 4

NBA Draft rumors: Celtics interested in trading up to No. 4

The 2019 NBA Draft is set to take place Thursday, and the C's now own three first-round picks: Nos.

Boston is looking into trading up to No. 4, according to ESPN. Other teams view Garland's date with NY as more of an additional contingency for the Knicks in the event they trade down-they have met with other lottery picks including Jarrett Culver and Cam Reddish.

If the New York Knicks stick with the No. 3 overall pick in the first round of the 2019 NBA Draft, they'll likely wind up drafting Duke forward RJ Barrett. But in sharing that news, Givony slipped in a little nugget that the Celtics are among the teams considering moving up to No. 4 in the draft with the intent of taking Garland. Now, with questions surrounding his health, it is probably one of the reasons why the Knicks will pass on him despite Wednesday's workout schedule.

Last weekend, the Lakers agreed to send Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, Josh Hart and three first-round picks to the Pelicans in exchange for Davis.

The team also reportedly has interest in Bobby Portis, Marcus Morris and Al Horford.

Jarrett Culver could be on their radar as well, however I don' see GarPax trading up and paying a significant price for a player who is not a a position of need or considered a generational-type talent. Minnesota has the 11th and 43rd picks in the draft, while Chicago has No. 7 and No. 38 picks.

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