Petition asks Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime's 'Good Omens'

Petition asks Netflix to cancel Amazon Prime's 'Good Omens'

The author responded to the petition created by a Christian group - Return to Order - for Netflix to cancel his show Good Omens, even though it airs on Amazon Prime Video. Good Omens is an adaptation of the book co-authored by Neil Gaiman and the late Sir Terry Pratchett.

The adaption is one part comedy, one part drama, centering itself around the angel Aziraphale and the demon Crowley as they team up to block the Antichrist's Apocalypse plans.

Anyway, because these Christians have no grasp of subtext, they've made a decision to start a petition to have the show cancelled, calling on Netflix to honour their religious freedoms and cancel a comedy miniseries.

In their petition, mistakenly addressed to Netflix, members of Return to Order accuse the series of presenting 'devils and Satanists as normal and even good'. In concluding the petition, the members called for Netflix to cancel the show, seemingly confused by which streamer actually put out the series. "This is another step to make Satanism appear normal, light and acceptable".

With a setup like that it really doesn't come as a surprise to find that a group of fundamentalist Christians, supporting the US Foundation for a Christian Civilisation, created a petition for Netflix to cancel the series. "We must show our rejection". "Promise me you won't tell them?" he added. "Please sign our petition, telling Netflix that we will not stand silent as they destroy the barriers of horror we still have for evil". Anyone familiar with Good Omens likely isn't surprised that a religious organization is targeting the show.

"Get your research right before making petition.I love the Lord and fully agree on your point but have you ducks in a row before you accuse and start division where it shouldn't be", wrote one follower in frustration.

As noted by The Guardian, Return to Order demanded Walmart to stop selling "Satanic products" earlier this year and has protested against the "blasphemous" Sweet Jesus ice cream chain.

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