Rapper Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys Dies at 52

Rapper Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boys Dies at 52

Bill's publicist told TMZ that she confirmed with hospital staff that he's still alive and that his family is by his bedside, while noting that Scarface's post was attributed to misinformation that then caught on like wildfire. But as members came and went, he found his way to the mic.

Bushwick Bill went on to explain that he had been staying quiet about his diagnosis - not even telling fellow Geto Boys founders Scarface and Willie D - but chose to open up about it because "keeping it to myself is not really helping anybody".

Hip-hop heavyweights have been hit hard by the sudden news after conflicting reports that he had passed on Saturday.

The Geto Boys rose to fame in the early '90s.

In the span of a decade, from 1988 to 1998 - including a three-year hiatus, from '93 to '96 - Geto Boys released an impressive six albums.

He rose to fame as a founding member of the Geto Boys. The tour was later cancelled due to Bill pulling out of the performance dates.

Bushwick Bill was born on December 8, 1966 in Kingston, Jamaica. Bill's stark worldview and a fearless attitude toward death stemmed from a 1991 in which he shot himself in the eye during an argument with his girlfriend while high on PCP.

"I been keeping it to myself, but I'm getting ready to tell Scarface and Willie D", Bill explained to the outlet. In 2010, Bushwick Bill was arrested in Atlanta, charged with criminal possession of cocaine and marijuana and facing possible deportation.

"Hours later, TMZ walked back its story, with an updated headline", BUSHWICK BILL GETO BOYS RAPPER NOT DEAD. I was told it is mass with no objective. "This is a health issue". "So, I am like could it be cancer?"

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