Suspect In David Ortiz Shooting Was Offered $7800

Suspect In David Ortiz Shooting Was Offered $7800

Law enforcement officials in Berks County provided a mugshot of Rivas-Clase that closely resembles the image provided by Dominican authorities, who identified the suspect in the Ortiz shooting by the same name, only without the hyphen.

The authorities said they are pursuing one more suspect, but have not released a motive or who provided the money.

Ortiz underwent a second surgery earlier this week at Massachusetts General Hospital after being transported from the Dominican Republic, where he was shot in the back during a reported murder attempt.

In addition to Ferreira-Cruz, authorities have also arrested Joel Rodriguez de la Cruz, Reynaldo Rodriguez Valenzuela and Eddy Vladimir Feliz Garcia.

The statement given to reporters lists the total number of subjects in custody as six and a suspect remains at large. Tiffany said he "continues to heal and make progress" as he rests in guarded condition at the ICU.

The alleged gunman and another suspect approached the Santo Domingo bar where the shooting occurred on a motorcycle, officials say, and were seen on security camera footage chatting with the others in cars before the attack.

Rivas-Clase, who previously lived in Redding, allegedly "did conspire with another suspect to shoot the victim", the sheriff's office statement reads.

This was the he original video showing David Ortiz being shot.

Enraged fans captured Garcia and beat him bloody before handing him over to police.

Féliz Garcia's lawyer says his client is an innocent motorcycle taxi driver who had no idea his passenger was going to commit a crime.

"He didn't know what they were going to do".

The baseball legend, famously known as "Big Papi", was shot Sunday night at a bar in the Dominican Republic and had to have parts of his intestines, colon and gallbladder removed.

"No person involved in this act will go unpunished", the Dominican Republic's attorney general, Jean Alain Rodriguez, said at the news conference.

Beloved in his hometown, Ortiz travelled the unsafe streets of the Dominican capital with little or no security, trusting his fans to protect him, according to friends.

The Dominican Republic has one of the highest murder rates in the world, with most homicides committed during robberies, according to the U.S. State Department.

The Dominican Republic is one of the world's most risky countries.

Ortiz, whose 20-year major league career included 14 seasons, 10 all-star appearances and three World Series titles with the Red Sox, was sitting at a streetside bar in Santo Domingo, his hometown, when the shooter - who arrived on the back of a motorcycle driven by another man - approached him from behind, fired at close range and fled.

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