An Urgent Recall Has Been Issued On Mazda 3 Vehicles For Australia

An Urgent Recall Has Been Issued On Mazda 3 Vehicles For Australia

They are famous for their small cars, that are extremely easy to get around in, but today an urgent recall has been issued with fears that the wheels could fall off.

The problem affects 3,323 cars, sold between April 2018 and late June 2019, the watchdog Product Safety Australia said.

When the vehicle was being assembled, the wheel studs may not have been fully connected and a small gap may exist between them and the hub assembly.

During manufacture, wheel studs may not have been fully seated. According to a statement from Mazda, "rattling noise occurs prior to a wheel detachment from the vehicle".

Owners are requested to bring their auto to their nearest dealer where the lug nuts will be tightened to spec free of charge.

The Japanese vehicle manufacturer has started notifying affected Mazda 3 owners, which is expected to be completed before August 6.

They will be advised to take their vehicle to their preferred Mazda Dealer to retension the front and rear wheel nuts at no additional charge.

"If the brake booster rod detaches from the brake pedal, the vehicle may lose its service brakes, increasing the risk of an accident that may cause injury to the vehicle occupants and other road users", it added. The recall affects cars built both at Mazda's Japan and Mexico manufacturing plants.

The regulator also raised concerns about the Jeep Cherokee 2008 model, noting that the windshield "may have been installed using an incorrect urethane adhesive".

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