Elon Musk will change the world of cars

Elon Musk will change the world of cars

The new FSD chipThe new FSD chip is the first such technology to have been designed in house by Tesla. Tesla says it offers 21 times the performance of the Nvidia chips it replaces - a claim Nvidia disputes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirms that Tesla will likely stop selling cars to consumers at a reasonable price.

All vehicles made since around the end of 2016 are able to receive the self-driving chip, Musk said, and all Tesla vehicles produced in recent months already include it. Despite being a lot more powerful, the company says the new chip costs 20 percent less than its previous "HW2+" Nvidia hardware, and only draws a bit more power.

The upgrade will be free for people who have already paid for the full self-driving package: how numerous 500,000 Teslas already on the roads that includes is not clear. Musk estimates around 500,000 older vehicles are compatible with the new chip, but not all will be eligible for the upgrade.

The company offered customers two different driver assistance packages, autopilot and full self-driving. If vehicles do not have this feature, they are limited to the regular autopilot that provides automatic steering and adaptive cruise control. (Nvidia disputed Tesla's claim at the time.) Once Tesla has developed the necessary software, the chip is created to allow its vehicles to drive without human assistance. In October a year ago, the company stopped promoting the option, claiming that it was causing "too much confusion" for its customers.

Full independent driving (FSD). In spite of the criticism however, the option soon returned in February.

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