El Paso shooter confesses he was targeting Mexicans

El Paso shooter confesses he was targeting Mexicans

A police affidavit released Friday said the suspect, Patrick Crusius, confessed to the shooting after getting out of his auto and surrendering to police, saying, "I'm the shooter".

Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rouke on Saturday joined a march in the Texas border city of El Paso to condemn last week's mass shooting there, telling the crowd that President Donald Trump was partly responsible for the hatred that inspired it.

Vigil held for victims of gun shooting in El Paso Texas, Photo Date: 8/5/2019.

Federal authorities said they are weighing hate-crime charges against the suspected gunman El Paso that could carry the death penalty.

The man charged in with capital murder in the attack, Patrick Crusius (21), told investigators he targeted Mexicans with an AK-47 rifle, an El Paso detective said in an arrest affidavit.

The gunman confessed to officers while he was surrendering and later explained that he had been targeting Mexicans.

The affidavit said Crusius waived his right to remain silent after he was taken into custody and told detectives he entered the Walmart with an AK47 and multiple magazines. Most of the dead had Hispanic last names and eight were Mexican nationals.

20 minutes before the shooting happened, Patrick posted a manifesto on an online forum and said that the shooting was a response to the Hispanic invasion.

Trump did not attend the meeting, and the White House declined to say which administration officials took part in the closed-door session.

Many El Paso residents, protesters and Democrats have blasted Trump over his incendiary words, blaming Trump for inflaming political and racial tensions throughout the country.

Attempts to reach Crusius' family have been unsuccessful.

O'Rouke, a former US congressman who represented a district that includes El Paso, joined more than 100 people in the march, which began at a park and ended at a courthouse, across the street from the jail where Crusius is held. The bureau also said this week it is investigating the Dayton shooter after learning he was interested in "violent ideologies" and, separately, announced that it had opened a domestic terrorism investigation into a July 28 mass shooting at a food festival in Gilroy, California.

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