LeBron James Has A Message For The NCAA After New Rule

LeBron James Has A Message For The NCAA After New Rule

Long story short. the NCAA says it will not allow players with remaining eligibility to return to college to play IF they establish a professional relationship with a non-degree holding agent.

Well, now CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein reports the NCAA has established the criteria for agents who are going to represent these student-athletes. Anthony Davis, Draymond Green (the guy who just got $100 million from the Warriors) and Ben Simmons are among the others.

James, who was Paul's first client when the agent began Klutch Sports in 2012, believes the rule was created to limit Paul and is the result of the establishment being "scared".

Prospective agents must now have a bachelor's degree, be NBPA certified for at least three consecutive years and in good standing, maintain professional liability insurance, and submit their application by September 30, according to the NCAA.

James was among those who criticized the bachelor's degree portion of the memo and decried it as the Rich Paul Rule.

James helped facilitate the rise of Rich Paul from a guy without a degree sharing a one-bedroom with his siblings to become one of the most powerful men in sports. He's LeBron James' agent.

James quickly dubbed it the "Rich Paul Rule" and took to Twitter to slam the process.

"Did the NCAA specifically have Paul in mind when they set these new criteria?" Nothing will stop this movement and culture over here.

Now he's in direct violation of the NCAA's newest rule - if he tries to land a college basketball player as a client.

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