Taylor Swift Says She Will "Absolutely" Re-Record Her First Six Albums

Taylor Swift Says She Will

Those original album recordings of Swift's first six projects, beginning with her debut through 2017's reputation, are among the assets Scooter Braun's Ithaca Holdings acquired during the recent partnership with Big Machine Records.

Ahead of Friday's release of her album "Lover" pop star Taylor Swift is floating plans to re-record her early albums to have the last word in a rights dispute over her music.

Swift told CBS News' Tracy Smith in an interview airing this weekend on "CBS Sunday Morning" that she's going to create the new masters to offset the deal.

Swift rose to stardom releasing albums under the Big Machine Records banner, which owned the master recordings of her hit records.

Swift signed a new record deal with Republic Records past year.

Borchetta responded with a post stating that Swift had previous notice of the sale, stating, "So, it's time for some truth..."

However, since news broke, Braun now owned the rights to her masters the feud between him and Swift has become one hot topic.

"As Swift strutted across the stage in her black ankle boots, the crowd shouted along at their loudest to the line: "'Cause shade never made anybody less gay!" The singer played three songs, but she also provided more details about her plan to re-record songs from her past albums.

She accused Braun of "manipulative bullying" through his associations with former client Kanye West and West's wife, Kim Kardashian, who infamously recorded Swift and West's "snippet" of a phone call in which she appeared to give her blessing to the lyrics to his song "Famous". However, Big Machine officials have told another story. She deserves to be in control of how her music is used and of her own legacy, and that is exactly what she is doing.

Variety points out that most major-label record deals include clauses prohibiting re-recordings of songs for a certain number of years after an artist's contract expires, but Swift's comments to CBS This Morning suggest that perhaps that's not the case with her BMLG deal.

So expect to hear Taylor Swift's re-recordings some time after November of 2020!

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