Winds Send Dozens of Mattresses Flying in Colorado

Winds Send Dozens of Mattresses Flying in Colorado

In eyewitness footage posted online by local Robb Manes, the magnificent mattress menagerie was captured in its full, natural beauty.

A few anchors might have come in handy - when a gust of wind sent dozens of inflatable mattresses being set up for the show flying.

"In Denver, Colorado fashion, a storm blew in, and this is the result", Manes wrote in his video caption. "She looked at us and said, 'This is a disaster'".

Manes said he was at the public pool when the wind kicked in and the mattresses started to roll across the lawn. Some of the mattresses even flew over a gate and into a community pool with people trying to figure out what was happening.

He and others helped to corral the mattresses, a task that took about 30 minutes.

The rebellious flock of flying mattresses encountered ground traffic as they bounced down Runway 35 Park on the site of Denver's old Stapleton Airport.

"Although we felt really bad for the event people, we thought it was absolutely hilarious", Manes said.

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